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Several areas of interest are available for your viewing under the “Categories” tab on the right hand bar.  Click on your tab of interest to access the desired category.  They are described below:

BiographiesThis is a compilation of Class Photos, life stories, biographies, can Current Photos of our classmates.  We would like to have information that you are willing to share about yourself, your accomplishments, and meaningful events in your life since graduation from high school.  Please help us by providing information about you (or others for that matter), which might be interesting to know, especially things funny or unique.

We encourage you to update your biography by clicking on the ‘comments section ’ and let us know what you have been doing, places you have gone, and anything that likely be of interest to your other classmates.  Also, include a current picture of yourself if you can.  The information and picture will be moved from there to the “Biographies” section.

Comments – We encourage you to share your comments concerning the content of this blog.  If you would like to leave a comment relative to any ”Category” or topic, please page down and enter it in the comment box.  Thank you for your interest and contributions to this blog.

Fun Photos – “Fun Photos” are placed here to remember and enjoy the good ol’ times.  We encourage you to dig through your attic and photo albums and send any photos you may have that involve Cedar City or classmates up to and including the present.  Photos should include a description of the event and or location.

Kudos – This is the place for all of those who have had good fortune and or fame in their lives.  It would be nice to share your accomplishments with us and let us know what positive recognition you have received.  This is not a “bragging board” nor intended to be, but rather to let each of us know what good things have transpired in the lives of our classmates.

Obituaries – This is a list of our classmates that have passed on and should be a complete list.  However, we need  obituary information on them.  So, please share with us any information you may have relative to those listed or any we may have missed.  Your help would be appreciated.

Reunion News“Reunion News” is a place where information regarding the next reunion will be posted and where anyone can provide suggestions or make comments about it both before and after.  These are listed with the most recent at the top of the list.

What’s New – This category is where we will inform you of what has been added to the blog and the items that were contributed.  This information will be posted as items come in with the most recent post at the top of the list.


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