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Fun Photos

“Fun Photos” are to share current events and remember and enjoy the good ol’ times.  We encourage you to dig through your attic and photo albums and send any photos you may have that involve Cedar City or classmates up to and including the present.  Photos should include a description of the event and or location if possible.


Graduation Before Caps & Gowns

BR:  Nellie Rae Whatcott, Elizabeth Adams, Jolene Webster, Elisa Randall, Kathy Leigh, Judee Wood, & Judy Jensen  FR: Pat Frame, Bonnie Magelby, Kathy Knight, Jackie Barrick,  & Sheila Gardner

Lory and Roberta? at the Zeta Christmas BallRoberta
Ralph, Tommy and Billy at the 1980 Reunion

Robert & His Twin Brother Richard Browning

I don’t know of any of my class mates, even my closest friends who knows that I was born an Identical Twin.  We spent very little time together to speak of, especially in Cedar City.  I was born relatively normal, although many of you would question that.  Richard, (the person on the right, in the turquoise sweater) was born a Savant and was raised in a scientific institution and was studied and participated in a highly secretive government program through out his life.

On occasion, when visiting our family, he would go to school, pretending to be me and would take tests for me, managing to miss a question or two to insure that my teachers wouldn’t suspect something was amiss should he ace the tests with a 100% grade.

Should you meet Richard on the street, thinking it to be me, he might seem a little weird or different until he scanned his fantastic memory bank and somewhat identified you as one of my friends from school and wing it.

This explains why I might have seemed a little distant at times when it was actually Richard you were talking to.

Although Richard didn’t go to school with us, he wanted to be a part of our 50th reunion and knew you would understand.

Robert Browning at the San Jose, CA Airport
Robert (Dude) Browning

Robert Browning with his Granddaughter
Robert Browning enjoying the rain (sleeping)
Leon (Al) Matheson recently at Crucible Gyph

Leon (Al) by an NK-68 while serving in Vietnam

Bob & Gayleen McCall

Bob & Gayleen McCall

Gordan & Kathy Enders
Roger & Jan Lewis
Bonnie in Washington, D.C.
Jeff’s Grandkids
Lennis Hall with Kids and Grandkids

Kerry & Lana Grant
Holy Pig Farmer
Larraine & Boyd Snow
Steve Corry
Steve & Sybil Corry
Rod Cox and His Mother (age 90)
Rod & Pual
Barbara Stratton Perry
Carolee Sherratt Wyatt’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
Chad HalversonChad3
Some of Lennis’ Favorite ThingsLensFavorites
One of The Browning’s Favorites2014Robert
The Humphry’s
The Bishop’s
Thinking they were in Italy, but they were in Branson, Missouri waiting for a show to begin.Bonnie
The Humphrey’s
Inside Ft. Sumter. Maxine is touching a ball from the Union bombardment of the fort.Humphreys
David Humphrey
Just had a knee replaced.DavidHKnee
The Humphrey’s
Inside Ft. Sumter. Maxine is touching a ball from the Union bombardment of the fort.Humphreys
David & Maxine Humphrey
Bryce & Patricia Stapley
Verla’s Four Generations


Roger & Judy’s Wedding 6/14/62



The photo was from about 1996 at Lory’s farm in Enumclaw, Washington.  It was a happy time where he loved his house and farm and where he raised cows and many, many pigs.



Nellie Rae & Stan Mecham 2/10/17


Lennis’ two youngest grandkids


Gaylene McCall


Calb Wyatt

Carolee’s grandson, an Air Force Academy graduate. Just graduated from flight school and he is going to be flying F-15 fighter. We are proud of his hard work and desire to pursue his dreams.


Robert & Laurel Browning

Another of their grandchildren graduated from college today April 28, 2017.


Deward & Bonnie Cutler Webster Family

Bonnie Webster

Robert & Laurel Browning with Elder Clisty Borzoni


Bonnie Bishop


Bonnie Bishop



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