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Another Bus Ride

In 1990 we relocated to Omaha Nebraska as Paul had received a promotion and was transfer to work in the Union Pacific headquarters building.

Being Mormon and living most of our married life in the Utah and Idaho area where temples were just a few miles away. It was disappointing to find out the closest temple we could attend was in Chicago which was a long nine hour drive. The church chartered a bus every month to take those in the Omaha area who wanted to attend the temple. We enjoyed the trips because we had a chance to get acquainted and visit with friends.

It was after midnight and the passengers had bedded down to sleep. When a very, very large women went to use the restroom and with some effort forced herself in and shut the door… once jammed into the tiny space, try as she may she found there was no way she could sit on the miniature toilet and sadly ended up soiling her clothes and with a noisy struggle she finally got them off and washed them as best she could in the tiny sink. To her relief she spied a small window, slid it open and hung her pants and underwear out the window to dry. Suddenly without warning her wet clothes waving out the open window were jerked from her hand and sailed off in the wind. Horrified by her predicament she opened the door a crack and ask a nearby passenger (which just happened to be me) for help. I walked up and whispered to the driver that a lady needed to get into her luggage “it’s an emergency” I assured him.

So at the next rest area he stopped and opened the luggage compartment where I started looking for the suitcase that she had described to be hers. A car suddenly screeched to a stop beside the bus and a man ran over to the bus driver and with an excited voice and with hands waving he asked, “did you see that giant pink tent flying through the sky?” The driver said, “no, I missed it” and then the panic stricken man proceeded to relate what had happened.
“We were riding along minding our business when out of nowhere a big pink colored tent as big as a parachute flew right onto my windshield and just stuck there. I was scared to death….. I couldn’t see a thing, I swerved all over the road. When I got control of my car I slammed on my brakes and came to a stop and just as I was getting out of the car to get it off a big gust of wind grabbed it and off it sailed again like a plane into the night. I tell you it was so big it covered my whole car, scariest thing that ever happened to me. I think it must have been some kind of air force reconnaissance and it missed the designated target.”

I couldn’t contain my laughter I almost crawled into luggage compartment to keep the frightened serious little man from hearing me. I then ran to the front of the bus and laughed until my stomach hurt. When the bus driver asked me “what’s so funny” I said “oh that man telling his story and visualizing the shock of that tent smacking onto his windshield was really funny to me, he still had the horror of it showing on his face.” The driver laughed too. I didn’t want to embarrass the lady so with great effort I contained myself until I could get home where no one knew her to tell the WHOLE story…. of how her big pink pants were mistaken for a tent.

I always wondered where they ended up and what happened to her underwear.
It still makes me laugh every time I think of it.



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