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By request Carolee has consented to write her famous bus story.

Me and my friend Gae had accepted dates with some older guys to the Dixie roundup in Saint George fifty miles south of Cedar City. I love rodeos and wanted to go real bad. Momma knew the boys and she also knew they had a reputation to party so she said I could go to the rodeo with them but I couldn’t drive down or back with them which left me in a unhappy predicament. After some failed attempts at securing a ride that met her approval it was decided we could ride the Grey Hound bus down and mom would drive down in the evening after her commitments and visit her Dad until the rodeo and dance was over and then she would drive us home. The boys were disappointed but must have liked us well enough to follow us on the bus and pick us up from the bus station. I had to pay my own way which took my play money.
I bought a pair of new Levi jeans to wear to the rodeo they were tight and I had a hard time pulling them up over my hips.  Decked out in our western apparel we loaded the bus …incidentally this was to be my very first trip on the bus other than the school bus so I was curios to ride in a vehicle that actually had a restroom in it.
We made our way to the back of the bus where we sat on the very back seat. The bus was full of sailors on their way to San Diego, California to report for ship duty.  They all seemed to move back close to where we were seated so we visited with them and found out they were from all over the country. We laughed at one sailor who had a camera and was busy snapping pictures out the window at everything he saw the rocks, sage brush, cactus. The sailors had nicknamed him Flash Gordon.  We had traveled about twenty miles down the road when I became curious and decided to check out the inside of the rest room, so like typical girls we both went together for moral support or just because that’s the way girls are. We made our way up the narrow trough like aisle occasionally nearly falling onto the lap of a passenger as the bus swayed. When we reached the rest room  we opened the flimsy door that opened out into the aisle and found to our disappointment it was so small only one of us could fit inside and with one, it was still a tight squeeze. I went first. Girls are taught by their mothers never to sit down on the toilet seat of a public rest room because you could get a disease and when I looked at this nasty little tiny toilet I made a resolve not to sit down on it but rather to squat a few inches above it.  I pulled down my tight britches and proceeded to go. Unbeknownst to me there was road construction and the bus swerved to the right and onto a bumpy side road,  not having a secure position or something to hang on to I flew against the door which gave way and I shot out into the aisle of the bus. I stumbled to the floor where I exposed my bare bottom to all the passengers, I tried to jump up quickly but was hobbled by my pants that were down around my ankles  thus preventing me from standing up to make a quick get away. A loud cheer came from the sailors in the back of the bus so I jerked my shirt tail down as far as I could to cover my back and then my front showed. I had almost pulled myself up when the bus went completely off course bouncing through sage brush and throwing me back down. The bus driver had taken his eye off the road to check on what the commotion was all about and veered off the gravel road but with great skill safely returned the bus to the road. My friend was laughing so hard she wasn’t a bit of help. A sailor called out “hey Flash Gordon where’s your camera now”.
I was helpless and mortified as I ricocheted back and forth and then a very strong man picked me up under my arms and shoved me back in the rest room…. where I stayed for the rest of the trip. I wouldn’t come out until every single passenger had exited. I learned about human nature when most of the passengers waited out side the bus just to look at my face.
I just put my head up, shoulders back and marched proudly to the hometown boys.  I had a great time at the rodeo and dance.
A few months later my English teacher assigned us to write our most embarrassing moment. She gave us some good advice, she said “if you write about them they will no longer haunt you” she was right.
Laughter IS still the best medicine. My cuz says “To laugh at yourself is a GIFT.”
NOTE …As you can see I didn’t pay attention during my grammar class and forgive my punctuation I’m still learning but it just doesn’t sink in.
I LOVE you all, my dear class mates of old CHS.


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