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Here I Go Again


I was visiting family out of town. It was Thanksgiving Day and the last of the big crowd had arrived. We set all the yummy food on the long tables and everyone was getting up to the table to eat.

The door into the bath room was right off this big dining room, so before sitting down at my place at the table, I slipped in it to freshen my hair and makeup, and to use the toilet… now I have an ample bottom and as I sat down I must have Jared the back of the toilet. I was sitting content when without warning the tank fell off and broke on the tile floor. Cold water ran out all over me and the floor…. causing me to gasp first from the shock of the cold water cascading all over me…. and then I screamed in stunned horror. My pants down around my ankles were soaked and water was running everywhere, on under the door it flowed and on under the thanksgiving table.

What a predicament I was in….  I still just sat on the toilet and looked around me and I started to laugh at the humor of the situation. How will I flush without water and how will I get out of here without everyone seeing me. Unfortunately, I always laugh when I think something is funny and mainly to hide my embarrassment.

Everyone heard the crash and knew I had broken something big time.  When the water started coming out from under the door everyone at the table jumped up. “Oh my gosh; the toilet is running over.” They cried out, thinking the toilet was over flowing from a clog. “Who in the heck is in there”??? They questioned, “probably some kid…..” As I listened to the screams and “hubbub” on the other side of the door I continued to laughed even harder. I honestly wished I could stop laughing so I could get up. They knocked, then rattled the door knob, thankfully the door was locked. I struggle to my feet and inched up my clingy wet pants, the whole back of my shirt was also wet.

I closed the lid to the toilet and opened the door. “Don’t panic!  It’s clean water, it just came from the toilet” I called out in reassurance.  “How can you think this is funny?” my daughter ask, as she threw down towels to mop up the water off her wood floors. She was feeling annoyed because I had started to laugh again. My husband Paul was embarrassed over the whole episode and he didn’t even laugh, but reassured her he would replace the old broken toilet with a new one…. and he did. He bought and installed a top of the line toilet.

I’m very careful now and try to sit gentle upon the throne….. But I still laugh even thinking of the humor in it.  Hummm…. “I wonder if that’s why they quit inviting me?”  Just kidding.



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