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This is the place for all of those who have had good fortune and or fame in their lives.  It would be nice to share your accomplishments with us and let us know what positive recognition you have received.  This is not a “bragging board” nor intended to be, but rather to let each of us know what good things have transpired in the lives of our classmates.

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Roger Lewis and Chad Lewis at the 2012 Boston Marathon

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Robert & Joyce

Mac Boyter’s

Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation

Considering the catastrophic impact of cancer, it is easy for a child and her loved ones to lose hope and become demoralized.

To avert this demoralizing effect, Mac Boyter, a cancer survivor himself and former Chairman of the Utah County chapter of the American Cancer Society, established the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation. Instead of seeking a cure, the foundation chooses to focus on immediate needs of children who are sick and their families.

Established about 15 years ago, the foundation offers a sense of hope and a little Christmas joy during a time when it is needed most. While Boyter was undergoing his own cancer treatment, his heart was touched as he witnessed these brave young children – aged infant to 18 years old – undergo difficult and rigorous cancer treatments. Through this experience an idea was born and a foundation established.

Despite all he has accomplished and the lives he has touched, Boyter avoids the limelight, demonstrating his selfless charity for his fellow man. “My favorite time is to be able to be with the families and the children, particularly,” Boyter says. “That is the payoff – when I can interact with the children and families.”

Since its inception more than 1,000 Utah families have benefited from the thoughtfulness of Boyter’s foundation through caring kindness, gifts, food, parties and visits from Santa, Cosmo Cougar and the BYU basketball team.

This tradition of generous giving has grown from a small enterprise on the showroom floor of Harmon’s Provo Auto Center, to receiving sizeable assistance and donations from businesses like Nu Skin, Tahitian Noni International and Vivint, because of Boyter’s ability to rally support for a worthy cause.

Boyter’s genuine care and concern for struggling and often overwhelmed families has turned what could have been a disappointing Christmas into a positive one for many families in distress.

“There’s really a relief when you go, because you know all the people there have gone through the same thing you have,” says Dana Wright, whose family has participated in the events. “What I really enjoy that the [Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation] does is they invite the whole family, because it really does effect an entire family.”

The first night of the event is dedicated to the parents and provides a small break from the challenges they face each day and an avenue to share the burden of cancer with those who are enduring the same hardship. After partaking of a bountiful banquet, parents select a minimum of three gifts for each family member from donations generously contributed by the community. Parents take these gifts home for their children to open on Christmas Day.

Day two involves a celebration second to none, where the BYU basketball team, Cosmo Cougar, BYU Cheerleaders, Miss Utah and a plethora of volunteers converge to ease the burden cancer places on families, if only for one night. Children play games and are treated like a VIP, offering them a chance to momentarily forget the illness that dominates their lives. Cheerless expressions are replaced with wide eyes, smiles and excited faces as children, who otherwise may have received nothing for Christmas, choose a special gift from Santa’s workshop, dine and interact with athletes and celebrities.

In addition to the Christmas events, the foundation supports a summer barbecue, which occurs in the beautiful gardens of Tahitian Noni International. Families are also invited to attend a BYU home basketball game, where they are provided t-shirts and receive a standing ovation from fans while standing on center court of the Marriott Center.

Boyter’s leadership has attracted business and community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to support the foundation and the children who benefit from its kindness. In fact, the entire foundation is operated through volunteerism, which preserves all monetary donations for the benefit of children and families who are battling cancer.

Great job Mac.  You are great guy and a real treasure to those you have helped over the years.


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