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Pluky Little Girl

Pluky Little Girl From Cedar City

 MarilynR My mom described me as a girl with pluck.  I took that as a compliment and hope I can always show pluck.I, Marilyn Plummer; was born January 5, 1942 of Joseph Harry Plummer and Geneve Taylor in Rexburg, Idaho, just a month after the bombing of pearl Harbor.  The country was launched into World War II.  My dad was given a deferment from the draft because of my birth and he received orders to report to Cedar City, Utah and teach the Air Force Cadets in their officer training program.

My Mom had been an elementary school teacher, but she decided to be a stay-at-home mom.  It was hard to find a place to rent in Cedar City so my Dad thought it would be great if she became a dorm mom at BAC (now SUU) in the women’s dormitory.

I begin to see that my parents were the ones who taught me “pluck.”  I may not have been born at the bottom of the depression, but in those war years, my parents were good at being frugal and making do the best they could.

We liked Southern Utah and Dad eventually got a job teaching at the college in Cedar City.  Harry and Geneve bought a home there and my twin brothers and I loved growing up in that little college town.

The wheels on my roller skates game me wings.  It was in the days of smooth sidewalks and I could see all the way to school on them.  It was only bumpy when I had to cross the street on the blacktop.  Playing jacks was another hobby.  I could “pinky” all of my jacks on the backs and fronts of bot of my hands without dropping any.  All of us girls carried around a hopscotch chain and a piece of chalk rock in our pockets for an impromptu game of hopscotch.

I got a new cruiser bike with white sidewall tires when I was in third grade.  Dad installed a basket on it and I made weekly journeys to the city library.  It was one of my favorite places to go.  I also got an old player piano with the player removed began taking piano lessons.

Elementary school was much preferred over Jr. High and High School in my evaluation.  I did love rock and roll music and learning to drive a car; but I wasn’t the most popular girl and often felt left out of the dating scene.

I eventually graduated from Cedar High School and went to CSU (now SUU) where I met Theron David Rose in my Father’s Spanish language class.  He is my best friend and doing things with him has always been exciting to me.

We were both majoring in elementary education and took classes together.  We married when we were starting our junior year of college and finished the requirements for getting our teaching certificates amid the cries of twin sons, which were born a few months earlier.

Upon graduation we both got teaching positions at Edwards’ California.  It was the first experience Theron and I had in working with a person of color in our sheltered lives. Theron’s principal was colored and one of the teachers at my school was colored as well.  We found that they were just like everyone else – in fact, better than most.

I was not able to finish teaching my first year of first grade because I got pregnant with Tracy.  Theron and I took Tracy, Karl and Keith and were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple.

I went back to teaching first grade the next year and taught four more years.  Theron continued to teach, but he got into teaching Spanish in the 6th grades in the district, and got to go to Summer School at San Jose University in California for training one year.  The next summer he got to go to Mexico and study at the University in Mexico City.  He also started teaching early morning seminary and that led him to decide to be a full-time seminary teach when the job was offered.  We were excited about teaching seminary.  I gave up teaching and was happy to stay home.  Our first assignment was in Pocatello, Idaho.

Eric came along and joined our Family the last year at Pocatello, Idaho.  We all loved him and filled him full of ideas we wish we had known in our early lives in order to be successful.  Karl, Keith, and Tracy were always giving him pep talks.

We’ve never regretted being a part of the Seminaries and Institute Program.  It has been a stimulating and enriching thing for our family.  After five years, Theron received a new assignment teaching seminary at Magna, Utah and in the Cyprus High Seminary.  We spent the majority of our lives in west Valley City, Utah. That’s where Theron became the Bishop of our first ward three months after we moved in.  That’s also where he became Stake president and Stake Patriarch.

This short autobiography is not about Theron, it’s about Marilyn, but his callings seemed to be such a part of our lives that we all experienced his assignments one way or another.  I did begin teaching school again when Eric began second grade.  I started out in the First grade at Magna Elementary Shool then five years later moved to a third grade, then a second/third split which was a headache.

Next I taught a fourth grade followed by a sixth grade and finally ended up teaching fifth grade.  I always wanted to know the curriculum of all of the grade levels and what the children could accomplish on each grade  level.  What a fulfilling experience it was.  That’s 20 years invested in helping students at West Valley.  Not counting my experience at North Edwards.  I hope someone learned something valuable!  I tried endlessly to help them love to read, develop enough math skills that they would enjoy working math problems, and be contributing member of the classroom.

Theron was not the only one given opportunities for experiences in the Church.  I was called to many teaching positions, especially Relief Society.  I got to see what it was like to be a Relief Society President and a Primary President.  I had opportunities to serve as a nursery leader and iin-service leader on the ward and stake levels.  I also had opportunities to serve as the ward organist and the primary music leader.  What a great many opportunities I have had to develop and learn.

Theron and I were called to preside over the Peru Trujillo Mission.  Theron was the mission president to close to 100 missionaries for three years.  We never thought we would get an opportunityh to know what South America was like.  Looking at that large landmass extending below North America we couldn’t hellp but wonder about the the scenery and people.  Now when  we see a map of South America the images brought about by our experiences there flood into our minds.  Tracy and her friend, Amyh, lived in ourhome while we were away.  We had just finished remodeling it and adding a garage when we received the call.

While we were serving in Peru, we lost our brave and valiant Karl who fought against liver failure, but it finnally took his life before we could get home to be with him.  It was a bitter blow.  Theron had to stay in the mission fiedl and I had to come all the way home alone and facet the fneral without his physical support.  I felt the support of Heavenly Father, however.  He was with me each steop of the way and all te way back to the mission field.

After three years in Peru we came home and picked up our lives again.  I got a job teaching first grade at Carl Sandberg Elementary in West Valley and Theron became the principle of the Cyprus High Seminary.  We were loving life and trying to stay in shape when we received another call to serve as MTC President of the Buenos Aires, Agentina Mission Training Center.  This time we decicded to sell our comfortable home.  It sold almost as fast as we put it on the market.  The Church helped us move all of our belongings into a storage unit.

While we were in Buenos Aires Theron got sick with the flu, which became pneumonia.  He remained ill for days.  The doctor put him on oxygen.  The area presdient told us he was almost to  send us home, but Theron received an extraordinary blessing.  A group of missionaries led by a very senstivite elder offered to give him a priesthood blessing. Theyh gathered round him and by the power of the priesthood promised he would recover.  At the conclusion of the blessing the missionary offering the blessing asked if we had someone special on the other side of the veil.  We told him of our son Karl who had recently passed away.  He said, “I felt him standing beside me as I was giving the blessing.”  I was thrilled and filled with gratitude.  After that blessing, the area doctor took us to a hospital emergency room and a female doctor seemed to recognize that he was not still suffering from pneumonia, but that his asthma had flared up and was not under control.  She put him on inhalers and steroids until he recovered his health and strength.

What a hugely satisfying experience it has been to rub sholders with members of the Church in South America.  We have been able to see the transformation the gospel makes in the lives of people.  There is nothing more rewarding than to be a part of the soul-satisfying treat of watching missionaries taste the fruit of the tree of life and hear their heart-felt testimonies as they have born witness of the love for their Savior Jesus Christ.

We returned from Argentina to live in Henrieville, Utah in a little Casita with a big red hill over looking it.  We finished building our new and comfortable farm home, moved in and have been living a uniquely different lifestyle from anything we have experienced so far. It has had its callenges but together and with the help of familyh we have survived and enjoyed the experience.

Someone has said, “Our years tell us what our days never knew.”  It’s the truth, isn’t it?  We see the helping hand of a loving Heavenly father throughout our lives as we recall, reminisce and write of his care.  I know that gold lives and loves me.  I know tha Jesus Christ is our Savior and redeemer.  Joseph Smith was the 1st prophet of this dispensation through whom the Savior restored His gospel.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I long  for the opportunity to see our loved ones who have passed byond the veil.  I know I will be able to be reunited with them again.

By Marilyn Rose

July 2015


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