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This is a compilation of Class Photos, life stories, biographies, and Current Photos of our classmates.  We would like to have information that you are willing to share about yourself, your accomplishments, and meaningful events in your life since graduation from high school.  Please help us by providing information about you (or others for that matter), which might be interesting to know, especially things funny or unique.

We encourage you to update your biography by clicking on the ‘comments section ’ and let us know what you have been doing, places you have gone, and anything that likely be of interest to your other classmates.  Also, include a current picture of yourself if you can.  The information and picture will be moved from there to the “Biographies” section.

The list is in alphabetical order by FIRST name, not last.

Photos & Family Info Biography
Spouse:  Carolyn
Residence:  Bountiful, UT
After High School graduation I attended College of Southern Utah for two years. The thrill of getting 3 A’s in Chemistry gave me such a sense of power that I enrolled in the food and nutrition dietetics program at Utah State University where I was soon humbled by the terrifying experience of Bio-chemistry (another chemistry experience that I shared with Bonnie Magleby!) After that last experience I vowed that I would avoid all chemistry except within the confines of my own kitchen. I withdrew from school at the end of my junior year and was hired as the Secretary and Office Manger for the Dean of the College of Humanities and Arts at USU. I intended to work for a year and then return to school. However, at the end of the year I met my future husband, Max Calvert Lewis. We married in December of 1964 and I continued to work for the University while he completed his degree. Max graduated in Personnel Management and began a career with the Forest Service in Personnel Management which moved us from Logan, to Ogden, to Vernal and then to Idaho before ending up in Corvallis Oregon, where we have lived for the past 20 years. We have seven children (4 boys and 3 girls) and 17 grandchildren. I am a homemaker, an avid reader, and enjoy writing, scrapbooking, and knitting. I returned to full-time work after we moved to Oregon as an employee of Oregon State University. I retired in 2003 from my job as Office Manager for the Department of Forest Science at OSU. My husband retired from the Department of Energy in 2004. We are currently serving as Ordinance Workers in the Portland Oregon temple and spending as much time as possible with those 17 beautiful grandchildren.
Spouse:  Max Calvert Lewis
Children:  Seven
Grandchildren:  17
Residence:  Corvallis, OR

After high school I graduated from Henegars Business College in SLC.  I married Gary Sandberg in 1962 and we have four children (DeEtte, Dayne, Troy, and Danelle).  I also have 13 grandkids! We moved back to Cedar City in 1967.  I worked as a secretary at Cedar Middle/Canyonview School for 23 years before retiring in 2008. My husband Gary passed away in 2002 from Pulmonary Fibrosis of the lungs.  I later remarried Richard (Dick) Rice in 2007.  We love travling and especailly love going to Disneyland.  We are annual passport holders and go at least every three months with kids, grandkids, or just by ourselves.  We enjoy spending time in the summer at our cabin in Duck Creek and in the winter down at the trailor in St. George.  I like to sew, quilt, cook, watch the grandkids play sports, and just spend time with our families!
Spouse:  Dick Rice
Children:  Four
Grandchildren:  Thirteen
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

Following H.S. Graduation went on active duty with the Utah National Guard for six months–Came home with desire to serve a mission.  Served 2 years on Long Island and New Jersey–great experience.  Returned to earn a masters degree in Accounting from B.Y.U. and find and marry Sybil Palmer on Dec. 22, 1966.  Passed the C.P.A. exam in 1968 and took a job with Touche Ross Baily and Smart (National C.P.A. firm).  1970 Accepted an offer from former boss to work for Boise Cascade.  Due to extensive travel decided to return to Cedar City and take over the family business.  Adopted three baby boys in 1970-DeLynn, 1972-Clark, & 1978-Lance.  In 1981 we were granted a miracle and were blessed with our only biological child a daughter-Ember.  Have been active in the L.D.S. church all of our married life and served in various ward and stake positions.  In 2005 our son Lance passed away which was tragic for us.  Our faith in the principle of families together forever carried us through that difficult time.  In 2006 and 2007 we sold our businesses, Insurance and Real Estate and applied to serve a church mission together.  We left for Greece in Sept. of 2007 and served as counselor to President Galanos, the mission President, of the Greece Athens Mission.  We returned to Cedar City in March of 2009 to manage our retirement investments.  We are currently serving as regional directors in the LDS Corrections Program, so we go to Jail about once a month to visit with the inmates in the 15 jails of Eastern Utah.  Steve is currently teaching the Gospel Doctrine Class in the Cedar First Ward (Can you believe we have become East Siders??) and Sybil is teaching Relief Society.  Steve has also served on the Bank Board with Jeff Marchant for 20 + years.  Life is Great!!
Spouse:  Sybil Palmer
Children:  4
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

Spouse:  Bobette Bauer
Residence:  Kirksville, MO
Tink Holyoak
Spouse:  Virginia
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

 Elementary –   K thru 3rd grade – Cedar West

                      –   4th Part of 5th grade – St George

                      –   5th & 6th Grade – Cedar East

                      –   Jr High & High School – Cedar

I joined Navy immediately after High School.  Then I went to CSU (now SUU) for one year after serving in the Navy.  I served an LDS Mission in France and Switzerland for 30 months and then returned to CSU.

In 1970 I met my wife Chadley and we were married in Logan Temple and graduated from USU in Electrical Engineering. (Class Members might be surprised but I was elected USU Engineering Senator for full college of engineering).  After graduation I was hired by Westinghouse Electric Corporation and worked for them – almost 12 years.

Then I started my own Manufacturer’s Representative Company and did that for about 26 years.  Some major sales of interest include:  all Power Transformer and Bus Work on Arizona side of Hoover Dam, all Power Transformers at Flaming George Dam, a few Power Transformers at Grand Coulee Dam, many other Major Projects for Western Area Power Administration, Bureau of Reclamation, with my largest in Tennessee near TVA.  I held many contracts for Utah Power & Light, PacifiCorp, Nevada Power, and many smaller REA’s & Utilities.

For health Reasons I retired at age 62.  However, my health improved and for two years I served as a Bountiful Temple Engineer

Chadley & I have 5 children – 4 boys and one girl.  We are active in the LDS Church and have had many callings – Never a bishop but served in two Bishoprics.  While serving as a missionary I was Branch President in Avignon, France, and Nimes, France. I also served twice as District Leader and Zone Leader.  Perhaps of interest, my wife, youngest son, and I were in the Nauvoo Pageant – then called “The City of Joseph” from 1998 thru 2002.  Today my calling is as a Ward Missionary.  I got my Testimony of The LDS Church while in the Navy in 1962.

At present, my health has improved substantially – I enjoy gardening, collegiate sports, and I have been a Dodger fan since 1952 – I watch almost every game.  I have also enjoyed doing Genealogy work on my Anderson family.   Thomas Anderson

Spouse:  Chadley
Children:  5
Residence:  Kaysville, UT
Tommy Kirtley
Thomas Wade Kirtley  (Tom Cat–the man with 9 lives)

Born January 14,1942 in Mason City, Washington near the Grand Coulee Dam.  (Now know as Coulee Dam)

I moved 19 times in the first 2 years of my life.  During the second year of my life I wandered off and got lost in the forest around Port Angeles Washington. It took the National Guard to find me. I was lost for 24 hours.  I was pinned under a rock next to a creek.  My dog stayed with me.  His barking helped the searchers find me.

I moved to Utah at age three where we lived in Smithfield, Logan, and Dragerton (now East Carbon).  We then moved to Price where I got run over by a car.

I moved to Cedar in 1948 at the age of six and stayed until I was twenty years old.  I was a member of the Cedar High track team when they took the state championship in 1960.  Danny Lindsay, Larry Anderson, Roger Halterman and I held the record at the BYU relay carnival, for over 35 years, in the 440 yard relay.

I joined the National Guard.  One summer, while at guard camp, I spent two days in the Salt Lake county jail for driving Scott Lambeth’s Corvette at 140 mph.  I got caught because of a road bock that was set up for a guy that was trying to kill his wife.

I went to work at the Nevada test site in 1965.   I worked on a 1527 foot tall

tower.  While working at the Bren tower, one day at the 1100 ft. level we were setting the Neutron Generator for experimental runs. The Generator road on an elevator that was controlled from the ground level.  I was giving directions over the radio and asked that it be lowed about one foot.  However, it just continued down even as they tried to stop it.  The brakes had failed and the generator went into a faster and faster fall.  There were three of us on the elevator and we figured this was the end.  If the generator hit the ground, it would destroy the legs of the tower and it would fall.  However, there was a built in emergency brake that was controlled by the speed of the falling object.  It stopped 90 feet from the ground.  Everything and everybody survived intact.

I was contaminated by radioactive Hydrogen (tritium) and spent two days in the hospital and was not allowed to use public bathrooms.  I was involved in at least fifty underground nuclear tests.  (Some that did not stay underground). 

I married Rosalie Rider, Beef’s sister in 1967.

One Saturday I decided to ride my motorcycle to the tower.  It was 90 miles away.  After passing through security, I took a short cut on a dirt road.  Someone had left a rope across the road (thankfully it was only tied on one end).  My neck caught the rope and it caused bleeding and skin removal.  A scar was on my neck for years, but wrinkles and patchy skin have hidden it.

I worked at Super Conducting Super Collider at Waxahachie Texas in 1993.  I then returned to the Nevada test site to work on tests to detect if North Korea was building a Nuke.  I retired from E, G and G in 1995 and moved to Cedar to pay golf and I am still playing golf as well as helping make toys for needy children.

In 2009, I took some time off from golf and went, with Art Pryor and some of his family, through the narrows.  Afterward I felt much worse than I had after my many near death episodes.  My brain has never worked properly since!

Spouse:  Rose
Residence:  Cedar City, UT
Verla Pearce
Spouse:  Richard Cripps
Residence:  Las Vegas, NV

Greetings from Fruit Heights, Utah.  We live on the side of the hill with the mountain behind us and a view in front over Kaysville, Layton, and out to Antelope Island.  We have lived here for 25 years and have no plans for leaving.  Our five children and their families all live within 30 minutes drive.  Our nine grandchildren (six boys, 3 girls) are wonderfully entertaining and sometimes completely exhausting.After graduation from high school, I attended college in Cedar City for 2 years, graduated with a BA from the University of Utah and then served a two-year mission in the West German Mission.  Upon returning home I went back to graduate school at the U. of U, worked as a speech therapist and married a yankee from New Hampshire, John Cate.  We lived in North Dakota, on Guam, in Salt Lake City, in Shelley, Idaho and lastly here in Fruit Heights.In 1996 I finally finished my master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and then worked with incredibly cute 3-5 year-olds for the next ten years.  Now I just play with our own 1 to 6-year-olds.  We served as ordinance workers in the Bountiful temple for a while, then some health issues set in so John and I are currently serving as Family Search Support Missionaries.  We do it all from home on the computers and phones.  While I note that many of you are very techno savvy, this has been a real stretch for me.  Does any house need FIVE computers for 2 people? We have my laptop, his laptop, his old laptop, the desktop, and the “weather” computer which support’s John’s weather station. (He has a master’s degree in Meteorology.)Reading is my favorite pastime as it has been all my life.  I like spending time with my family, doing stitchery of various kinds, and sewing (if I ever have the time.)  Church service has been a fulfilling part of our lives.  I especially like the service in Primary.  We enjoy nature’s beauty in all the world, but our own backyard is a haven which we share with rabbits, squirrels, deer, raccoons, many varieties of birds, and even snakes (which I don’t enjoy.)   I think Southern Utah beauty is truly incomparable.  The red hill bathed in the glow of a Cedar City sunset still brings tears to my eyes.Our childhood and youth were times like no others.  We could ride our bikes wherever we wanted,  play softball at recess, and the girls had to wear funny garter belts and long stockings during the winter. Can you imagine that probably no one will ever see a crepe-paper ceiling again?
Spouse:  John Cate
Children:  5
Grandchildren:  9
Residence:  Fruit Heights, UT

Spouse:  Ray Nielson
Residence:  Las Vegas, NV

Spouse: Beverly
Residence:  Enoch, UT
Residence:  Santa Clara, UT
Spouse:  Robert Wood
Residence: Payson, UT

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