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This is a compilation of Class Photos, life stories, biographies, and Current Photos of our classmates. We would like to have information that you are willing to share about yourself, your accomplishments, and meaningful events in your life since graduation from high school. Please help us by providing information about you (or others for that matter), which might be interesting to know, especially things funny or unique.

We encourage you to update your biography by clicking on the ‘comments section ’ and let us know what you have been doing, places you have gone, and anything that likely be of interest to your other classmates. Also, include a current picture of yourself if you can. The information and picture will be moved from there to the “Biographies” section.

The list is in alphabetical order by FIRST name, not last.

Photos & Family Info Biography
Alan Atherley


Spouse:  Camille
Residence:  Las Vegas, NV
Alice Pete
Alice Marie Steed

Spouse:  Don Overly
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

Spouse:  ? Wright
Residence:   Bountiful, UT

What a wonderful opportunity to remember back over the last fifty years.  We were so lucky and blessed to grow up in Cedar City and have such terrific friends and experiences in our school years. I am looking forward to attending and hope that I will be able to recognize everyone, even with updated photos (memory thing I’m afraid).
After High School I attended one year at (then) CSU. After one year I went to work for First Security Bank as Secretary to the Assistant Manager.  In 1963 I married Karnell Parry and we moved into the avenues area in Salt Lake City.  He attended the U of U and I worked for First Security Bank in Sugarhouse and as Secretary to the Assistant Manager Highland Drive office.  In 1965 I quit work to be a stay at home mom.
In 1967 we moved to Delta, Utah.  My husband drove the bookmobile and I literally became known as Mrs. Bookmobile.  In 1971 we moved to the Granger-Hunter area.  We have lived in the same home for 39 years.  Karnell worked for the State Library and eventually became the Director of the Multistate Center for the West.  It is a federal program operated under the Utah State Library.  It required travel several times a year and I was able to accompany him quite often.  I didn’t go back to work until the children were older.  We have six children, four boys and two girls.
In 1986 I went to work for First Interstate Bank and stayed until it became clear that our office would be closing.  I then went to work for Salt Lake County in the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program.  I worked for Salt Lake County from 1991 until 1995 and then my Mother became very ill.  I quit work to help take care of her in Cedar City.  She had improved by 1997 and the opportunity to work for Delta Airlines came along and I jumped at the chance.  I stayed with Delta until my husband and I both retired in 2007.
We have been active in the LDS church all of our married life and have served in many callings, both ward and stake.  We have been active in  community and I was able to work with the Miss West Valley Pageant for two years.  We have 18 grandchildren, soon to be 19.  We enjoy our family and get together often.  We love to travel and have been able to go many places.  We are looking forward to serving a mission but right now we are caring for my Dad in Cedar City who is 92 years old.  We have served as Stake Missionaries and we are currently serving as Ward Missionaries teaching English to Spanish Speaking people.

I have spent a lot of time in Cedar City this past four years and I have thought a lot about growing up there and have missed the old school buildings and places in my memories.  I look at faces when I am in Cedar and think that person might have been my classmate but I wouldn’t recognize them.  It will be great to see you.  Thank you Bonnie, Len and the committee for your hard work and for the blog

Spouse:  Karnell Parry
Children:  6
Grandchildren:  19
Residence:  West Valley City, UT
Barbara Roberts
As many of you know I attended school with you until the end of 9th grade, when I got married to Alvin Stratton,and moved to Idaho.  We had 2 children and after 15 years divorced.  After my divorce I moved back to Cedar and married Sherwin Parry.  However, I lost Sherwin to Cancer in June 2003. Since then I have lived in Santa Clara, Utah for 35 years. Which makes me a true Sorghum Lapper. I love it!!I worked in the Lumber and Hardware business for 33 yrs. Selling material to contractors.  I was one of the 1st two women in this area to do this. It took a while for men to decide I wasn’t stupid in this type of business.  It was a fun job. I am now working part time and love not being a full time employee.  Life is great and I love living every minute of it. It will be glad to see everyone again and remember old times, I am thankful that I always been remembered and invited to the Reunions.  Also this is a great Blog site.
Spouse:  Sherwin Parry (Deceased 2003)
Children:  Two
Barbara Straton
Spouse:  Dean
Residence:  Santa Clara, UT

Spouse:  Varlo Cahoon
Residence:   Paragonah, UT

Oh how time flies.  After high school I married Conway LeBaron, and had 2 girls and 2 boys.  We lived in Logan for a short time while he finished school, and then moved to Salt Lake.  I worked as a telephone operator in Cedar, Logan, and Salt Lake. We moved to Spring Valley, Calif. I ended up being divorced and moved back to Cedar with the four children and worked at State Bank until I married Roger Chidester; a wonderful man, and we joined families making it 5 boys and 3 girls.  Then we welcomed four more into our family, 2 more girls and 2 more boys, making it a total of 12. Family has been a big part of our life. Roger and I have served 3 missions, first one to Japan as we taught English as a second language at the LDS Institute, and also worked in the Tokyo Temple.  Our second mission was to Uganda, Africa working in the Church Education System over the Seminaries and Institutes in Jinja, Uganda.  After being home for 18 months we were called to serve as managers over the Family Home Storage, Dry Pack at Welfare Square in Salt Lake. I am now back serving at Welfare Square making phone calls. We served together as Ordinance Workers in the Jordan River Temple for about 11 years, where I am still serving 2 days a week. I have had a wonderful life with a wonderful husband and family.  Roger passed away Oct 2008 after a battle with cancer.  I am grateful to have 50 grandchildren and 1 more on the way, and 14 great grandchildren, who I enjoy so much. Six of our 7 boys have served missions for the LDS Church, and 2 of our grandsons have served missions. And another grandson just received a mission call to serve in Guatemala.  Life is always exciting with family.
Spouse:  Roger Chidester (Deceased)
Children: Twelve
Grandchildren:  51Great Grandchildren:  Fourteen
Residence:  West Jordan, UT
Betty Sue Hawkins
Residence:  Blanding, UT

Spouse:  Sandra
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

While still in school at CCHS, I spent part of seven summers as a cook at Zion National Park. I do not remember feeding Carole Sharrett even one time! In any case, I went on to the University of Utah after graduating from CCHS. I completed a BS degree and then taught Science for two years in Bellflower, California. I then spent 4.5 years in the US Army, with one year in Vietnam.
I repented from the U of U and went to graduate school at BYU. I graduated from there and taught for four years at Southern Illinois University. I hated all the politics at the university level and left SIU to go to California. I worked in industry there until we moved to Sedona, AZ, where I worked for a firm that wanted to develop electronic courseware for public schools. The owner died and we then went to Phoenix to work in the Aerospace industry. I also kept my feet in education by teaching Master’s level capstone courses at Western International University. So, when the Aerospace industry collapsed, I became Dean of Students and Student Services at WIU. That school eventually folded because of a crooked President. My first wife died while we were in Phoenix. She is buried in Cedar, many of you graciously helped me out financially and emotionally at that time. To those who helped, thank you again for all your generosity and compassion.
Well, I had an opportunity to move to Portland for a new life as Provost of a small liberal arts college. They being supported by the new owner from his sale of guns to the Chinese Communists! Of course, that did not last very long. But I did, fortunately, marry again to a wonderful lady named Nancy. We have a combined family size of 12 children. WoW!
I was a wimp and could not stand Portland and its lack of sunlight. So, in short, we moved to St. George. Nancy has been teaching at Pine View High School for several years and I am still teaching Psychology and now Educational courses at Dixie State University. I presently am finally getting printed a book that I have written called “The Twelve Commandments: A Prescription for Modern-day Behavior. I had hoped to have a copy for each of you by now, but the printer has been oh so slow in proofing and printing. Let me know if you want a copy and I will send you one later this year. Sam’s wife Carolyn helped proof this book. Many thanks to her.
One last thing. Nancy’s youngest daughter Erin is married to an Air Force NCO who is now an attaché at the Embassy in Moscow. So, we just completed a two and a half week to trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia. I left a penny embedded in the cobblestones in front of the Kremlin where they have all their military parades of tanks, soldiers, and weapons. When I was a kid in Cedar City I would shudder at the sight of all that military hardware displayed by the Russians, thinking that they would destroy us. And especially when Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev would be waving out with those sinister looks. My penny will be there for any further parades.
I want you all to know just how lucky and proud I have been to be a member of the 1960 graduating class of CCHS. If I can be of any help to anyone in the class, please do not hesitate to call on me.
Sincerely, William R. Endsley
Spouse:  Nancy
Children:  Five  (Twelve when you include Nancy’s)
Grandchildren:  ?
Residence:  St. George, UT

Spouse:  Stuart Vorkink
Residence:  Kirksville, MO

 Bonnie Webster2

Spouse:  Deward Webster
Residence:  Roy, UT

I was not ready to leave high school.  “Could anything be better,” I thought.  I did not really enjoy the academic part but I loved the social part.  I had really great friends and acquaintances.  (Some I had known since first grade.)  However, time moves on so I crossed the street to begin a new chapter in my life-college. Friends were still important but I found I had to study a lot harder.  After two great years, I moved to the frozen north (USU) to get a degree in Nutrition-I thought.  My plans were changed when I found I could not get a passing grade in Chemistry.  (Sandra Cox was in my class.  She passed-I didn’t)  All was not lost.  I changed majors to Home Economics.  However, I could not find a teaching job so I decided to give Child Development a try.  As luck would have it, I found a job at Weber State-one month before school started.  That began my 40 year career teaching preschool and Child Development.  I finished my masters and then moved back to Cedar where I married Kent Bishop-the new “Mrs. Palmer” of Cedar High and began my teaching career at CSU/SUU I have two children-Bradley and Kyle.  I found it was much easier teaching Child Development than it was to put what I taught into practice.  Kyle spent two years in Germany, four at the BYU, two at the U and finished his PhD at U of A.  He is now teaching at SUU in the English department.  Bradley followed his mother and father’s education plan-SUU and then USU.  He spent time in Florida and Washington DC working in higher education in student government.  He came back to the West to help me care for my mother and dad and now works at SUU in the Development Department.  (He is the one who calls former students and asks for money).  I have two grandchildren – Xander 5 and Sydney 3. I am still adjusting to retirement.  I found work more rewarding.  However, I have enjoyed traveling – well not traveling but getting there. We bought into a time share so that has forced us to go places we may not have gone.  I am lucky.  For the most part, life has been good.  It will be interesting to see what will happen in the next chapter of my life.  


I taught my last class eight years ago.  It does not seem possible.  I miss teaching and have not done much of anything since retiring.  I wish I could say that I have volunteered to help the sick and needy, worked with homeless animals and helped young children learn how to read.  However, that would not be true.  I have spent most of my time tending my two grand children, Xander now 10 and Sydney now 7.  I have, also, done some “tending” of my husband who has had several minor health problems.

  I have been lucky enough to take several trips a year to Mexico.  I love the ocean so the trips to Mexico give me my “Ocean fix”.  We have, also, been to Branson Mo. several times.  Never thought I would go there but have found it to be fun.  (This November, we will be going back to Branson so I can see Johnny Mathis.  Oh the memories.)  My husband enjoys visiting with the many army vets that go there. 

 I did go on the “cruise from hell”.  (My grandfather went to Mexico and Central America in 1900.  He and several others were trying to find physical evidence of the Book of Mormon.  I took a cruise that would stop in several of places where he went.)  First the airline lost my luggage.  Then the hotel gave our room away even though we had paid for it.  (It was 2:00 in the morning.  Try and find a hotel at that time) We sat in the hotel lobby until we could get on the ship.  Then I broke my back (well two vertebras in my back).  I wish I could say I did it on a zip line but no they just broke.  Then we ran into a storm so they would not let us into Costa Rico-the main reason I took the cruse. Needless to say, I am not looking to take another cruise-except maybe to Norway. 


I have been home from sunny England for over a week. (Time goes so fast when you are old.) I went with Kyle’s study Abroad class and several friends. It was such fun. I did not think my back would hold up but with a little help from my new cane and lots of benches, I did just fine. Saw so many beautiful paintings and wonderful things in the museums. (Saw the history of women’s clothes, Princess Di’s dresses and dead people from Egypt. ) Went to so many Castles,
Cathedrals, and Fortress that I can not remember which was which. Went to five plays and one concert.(Star Wars) Learned to ride the “Tube” and the trains. Thanks to my friend Lynn, I learned about a great place called the Cotswolds. Had “high tea” three times. We spent a few days in Scotland-very fun and one day in Wales. I had a great time but wish I had been 10 years younger Thanks to all who made it such a great time. (Fred, we saw a “musical version” of Twelfth Night at the globe. Very different.) 

Spouse:  Kent Bishop
Children: Two
Grandchildren:  Two
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

I married my High School sweetheart, Sherrie Ann Jones, and we celebrated our 50 years of marriage in May of this year.  At this time we have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren with one on the way.  In August, just after graduation, I went to Fort Ord California to serve six months of active duty in the Utah National Guard.  In September 1962 we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I went to work for a Food Distributor called H&O Foods. At that time we only had 5 employees. In 40 years of working for the company, I moved my way up from salesman, to sales manager,to V. President of sales and in 1996 I became Senior Vice President of Sales and  Marketing.  We had the great opportunity of doing a lot of traveling to such places as Europe, Australa, New Zealand, Tahiti, Mexico and many times to Hawaii. I retired in 2007.
My wife and I have always been very active in the Church. I was a temple worker for 2 years in the Las Vegas Temple before buying a home in St. George. My wife and I full filled a mission in March 2008 for 18 months to Palmyra New York, which is known as the “Cradle of the Restoration”. We are now home and spending a lot of time at our cabin at Duck Creek.
Spouse:  Sherrie Ann Jones
Children:  Three
Grandchildren: Seven
Great Grandchildren:  Five
Residence:  St. George, UT


I was born December 2, 1941 at Cedar City, Utah. Bryce was the third son of Joseph Earl and Sylva Jones StapleyFor the first few years I was called “Bobby” a nickname of my first name “Robert”. Mom decided that she did not like “Bob” so she started calling me by my middle name “Bryce” and I have been known as Bryce for most of my life.

We lived in Summit, Utah and I attended school in Cedar City. After high School I attended College of Southern Utah for two years and Utah State University for three years. I graduated from Utah State with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1965.

During my junior year I met Patricia Ann Peterson. My roommate, Jim Fain, was dating one of Pat’s roommates and another of her roommates, Edith, told Jim to line her up with one of the guys in our apartment. One night I had a date with another girl and she called and said she was sick so I told Jim to call his girlfriend and ask if one of her roommates would be a “replacement” date.  We don’t know how it happened but Patricia ended up as my date. This was in January of 1964. We hit it off and married July 17, 1964.

The summer of 1963, I worked for the Forest Service doing ground control for aerial surveys. We worked in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah and saw lots of country. The next summer I was offered a job with the Forest Service in the Fish Lake Forest. I turned that job down and got a summer job in Idaho Falls, where Pat was living.

After I graduated I took a job as an engineer for a Precast Concrete plant in Boise, Idaho. I worked there for twelve years. In 1977 I joined with Rex Harrison and started a consulting structural engineering firm. After three years Rex decided that he wanted to work by himself. I kept the one employee we had and continued consulting and changed the company name to Stapley Engineering. Patricia worked as the office manager.  I gradually added employees until we had about twenty on staff. In 2000 I sold the company to three of the engineers that were working for me. I worked about half time for the company until 2012. I am now fully retired. We have been in Boise all the time.

The work that I did was structural engineering. I have designed buildings in all of the western states plus Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. I have been active in several engineering organizations and have served as president of the Structural Engineers of Idaho and the Southern Idaho ASCE

Projects of interest to you from Cedar City include condos at Bryan Head, an Albertsons in Cedar City, and an Albertsons on Stapley Boulevard in Mesa.

 We attended engineering meetings in various parts of the country and acquired a travel bug. We have been fortunate enough to go to Hawaii many times, to Europe five times to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, and to over half of the United States. Seeing various places has made us understand and appreciate history better.

We have five children and fifteen grandchildren, two step grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren.  Our children are:

Barbara Ann. Barbara was born December 3, 1965. She now lives in Hyrum, Utah with her husband, Ken Shilder.  Their children are: Kendra, Virginia, Kara, and Bryson. Barbara teaches music and does lots of volunteer work. Ken works at a company that builds components for air bags.

Brenda Lynn was born May 15, 1967. She lives in Charlo Montana. Her children are:  Hailey and Julian. Brenda is a florist and works at the Charlo School

Susan Louise was born May 4, 1970.  She lives in Boise with her Husband, Mikel Kyle and their children, Madison, Allison and Elijah and his children, Eric and Chantal. Susan is a hair stylist and Mikel works for this Son, Eric in a lawn care business.

Robert Bryce was born May 29, 1973. He lives in Boise with his wife Amy and their daughters Makenzie and Victoria He is a nurse. Amy works in the accounting department for CH2M Hill, an engineering firm.

Sheryl Marie was born September 9, 1977. She lives in Pal Alto California with her husband Jason and their sons Aaron, Isiah and Gabriel. Sheryl works at Stanford and Jason is a neurosurgeon.

We have been active members of the LDS church all of our married lives. We served a service mission as managers of the Boise Bishops Storehouse and have had many other callings.

Spouse:  Patricia Ann
Grandchildren:  15
Residence:  Boise, ID

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