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2000 Reunion

Photos taken at our 40th Class Reunion are posted here.   If you have some you would like to share, email them to len_hall@yahoo.com.

Here are some photos Bonnie submitted.

Group Photo

David and Barry

Gerald & His Wife, Doug, Robert, & Jeff

Chad, Raona, Rod & His Wife, Sam, MacNeil, & Judy

Lee, Joyce, Maxine, and David with Sam and Steve in the background

Daphne & Cynthia

Karl, MacNeil, Nellie Rae, & Jolene

Robert & Carolee with Tommy, Kendall and Cynthia in the background

Raona, Judy, & Janette with many others in the background you may recognize

Tommy, Jay & Tamara

Doug & Tommy

Fred & Connie with Marsha Endsley and her daughter on the right

Robert, Gaylene, & Carolee


Billy & His Daughter


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