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2015 Class Reunion

Cedar City High School

Class of 1960

55th Class Reunion

September 12, 2015

Dear Classmates,

This is an update for our class reunion.  First, would you please hit reply to this email and then send so we can tell who is receiving this e-mail.  You do not need to include a comment unless you wish to.  If we do not hear from you, we will have to mail you a letter.  We do not need your reservation until the middle of August.  However, I hope most of you have already decided to attend the reunion.  We had a great time at the 50th reunion.  Everyone seemed to enjoy visiting with former classmates about old times and catching up on the last fifty years.  This reunion should be just as pleasing and we have five more years to chat about.

Location of the reunion:

  1. We will meet at the old North East Furniture store from 2:00 until 4:00. Jay Smith has invited us to enjoy his cars and to use his place to renew our friendships.  At this time, we can visit with many classmates.  (Once we sit down to dinner, we mainly visit with those around us.)
  2. The dinner will begin at 5:00. We will start serving around 5:45.  This will give us time for a photo shoot.  If any of you would like to be our photographer, please let Lennis know.  We will meet at the Church pavilion at 520 South 1100 West.  (Straight west of Cedar High School) The tables have benches so if you would like a little more comfort, it may be good idea to bring a folding lawn chair.  Also, you may want a jacket.  (Dig out that old Jr. sweater)

Meals and Expenses:

  1. The menu provides dutch-oven chicken and or pork, potatoes, beans, rolls, salad, dessert and, we hope, corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes, and cucumbers. We will serve bottled water so if you need a soda, bring your own.  Hopefully, those near Cedar will bring the fresh vegetables.
  2. For the 50 year reunion, we had some money in our saving account so we used that to pay for the rental of the college cabin. (We did not think we would have a 55 reunion.)  Therefore, we need to add $5.00 per person to pay for copies, mailing, nametags, etc. The total per couple will be $37.00 or $18.50 for a single.


  1. When you arrive please register so we can give you your nametag and collect any amount you may still owe.
  2. It is our strongest desire that we have as many of our classmates in attendance as possible. This may be the last opportunity to get together as the health, not to mention the minds, of some of our classmates may be declining.

Meeting and program

  1. We plan on having a short program to report on classmates that are no longer with us and those that are not able to attend. Also, we hope to come up with some ideas for the future.  If you will not be attending, please let us know why so we may extend to your classmates your regrets and/or reason such as other family activities or commitments, serving a mission, texting or playing Internet games, etc.
  2. If you have copies of obituaries for our classmates. Please send Lennis a copy. We think we have lost 39 of our group but are not sure.


In past reunions, we have gone around the table and each one of use took about 5 minutes to tell a little about ourselves.  It was fun and very enjoyable but it took a long time and some of us had a hard time hearing what was said.  We would like to do something a little different this year.

For the 50-year reunion, Lennis developed a blog for our class (https://cchs60.wordpress.com/).  At that time we asked each of you to write a brief account of your life history since graduating from high school. We received 47 biographies and Lennis added them to the blog.   Some were short and some were long but all were very interesting.  Also, since the last reunion Lennis added a nicely written story by Carolee Sherrett of her experiences working at Grand Canyon and Zion.  He also added one by Roger Lewis regarding his experiences working on Cedar Mountain at about the same time Carolee was in Zion.  We would love to hear from all of you about your experiences, good or bad, funny or sad.  We believe everyone would be interested in reading them.

At any rate, this year we would like to hear from as many of the other 50 class members as we can.  Also, those of you that gave us your histories last time, would you please share some of your experiences over the last five years and any others that you may have forgotten to include last time.   We strongly encourage everyone to participate and share with us something about you and even your family if you would like to include that sort of thing.  We know some of you have interesting stories about your children.

Please e-mail these to Lennis (len_hall@yahoo.com). He will put them on the blog.  We will compile a briefer version of them and have them ready to distribute at the reunion.  For those who aren’t able to attend, we will mail you a copy.  (If you do not have e-mail, mail your comments to me at Bonnie Bishop, 344 South 1000 West, Cedar City, Utah 84720)

Here are some ideas for those who need a little help in writing something.  Just some random thoughts.

1.  What were some of the challenges, social and personal, you faced growing up?

2.  What did you do after high school graduation?

3.  What were some of the truly life changing experiences you have been through?

4.  Family?Have you retired and if so, what do you do to enjoy your retirement?

5.  Have you traveled to any place outside the country? If so, where and was it what you expected or different?


We need address for Ray Hopkins, Dian Butcher, Linda Wheelwright Bundy, Betsy Fretwell Cahoon, and Judith Anderson Manning.  If you know where they are, please e-mail Lennis.

A big thank you to: 

Lennis for developing the Class of ‘60 Blog and keeping it updated.  Also for sending out the e-mails and keeping track of the information that you send back to him.  My knowledge of computers would fit on the head of a pin so his help has moved us from the 1960’s to the present.  Thanks Lennis.

Jay Smith for sharing his cars and using his place for our “Meet and Greet”.  Also, to Tom Kirtley for being responsible for that part of our reunion.

Cynthia, Jolene, Kathy, Jackie, Steve, Lana and Kirtley for their input and support.

Last, a big thank you to all of you that are going to come to the reunion.     Bonnie and the reunion committee

Please mail, preferably with payment, by August 15 to: Bonnie Bishop

344 South 1000 West Cedar City, Utah, 84720

Or e-mail to bonniek344@gmail.com or Lennis  at ‘reply and send.’

Name____________________________________ Number attending_______________

Ten or twelve sentences describing something you have done, accomplished and/or an unusual event in your life.  This we will copy for the reunion.  The longer version will be on the blog.


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