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2015 Profiles

Fran Wood Bryson wrote:
Hi Class of 60

I am grateful to have been a member of our class, I don’t know where there is a collection of finer people.   I have felt inspired many times in my life by all of you.  I have told so many through the years about my outstanding classmates ——–I am going to take this opportunity to tell you! THANKS MILLIONS!

We lived most of our life in So. California.  Upon Tom’s retirement, we moved to Rigby, Idaho.  It is a beautiful agricultural area with wonderful people.  We live close to Rexburg and I returned to college.  I have taken a few classes each semester for about twelve years.  I could actually graduate if I didn’t get such cold feet about the math class.

In my secular world, I have enjoyed a few successes:
-I served on the Board of Directors for the Ventura Symphony later to be called the Conejo Valley Symphony after the Performing Arts building was completed in Thousand Oaks.
-I was in an Art Gallery for my oil paintings.  The anchor woman for NBC purchased my art.
-I was juried into the two art exhibits I entered.
-I enjoyed meeting Charlton Heston and Jimmie Stewart etc. while Tom was Vice President of Southern California Edison’s Northern Division which included Hollywood.
-Sharon, my daughter in law and I worked with ADD and ADHD individuals  for about ten years with much success.
-I have been very active in political campaigns and an officer in the Republican Party.
-I have, also, been active in the community working on many projects.

When you look back, It is surprising what we have accomplished in 73 years and the trials we have overcome.  But of course, 73 years is 73 years! Scar

Even  though Church  and public service has brought much satisfaction, it doesn’t compare with my life as a wife and mother.  we have seven good children that has greatly surpassed me by a hundred fold, 23 perfect grandchildren and a great grandchild that is the love of our lives.

I can’t say it wasn’t hard to leave family, but we served a Mission in Siberia, Russia which was the largest land mass Mission in the Church at that time.  It  took three days and three nights on the train if a Missionary was transferred from Omsk to Ulan-Uday.  It has been reduced twice in size since we have been home.  We loved the people, the beautiful country side and learned to love the two winters of 50 degrees below zero with 90 percent humidity.  We lived in Tomsk near the largest swamp in the world (which was the cause of the humidity) and served in the city of Kemerovo, a six hour distance, every other weekend. We served with outstanding Missionaries.  We had a young single adult conference in the Urals with our Novosibirsk Mission and Yekaterinburg Mission.  Tom was in charge of our Mission.  It was very difficult but extremely successful.

In the summers, we spend a great deal of time on the family ranch.  It has been a great draw for children and grandchildren.  We love it.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September,  Fran Wood Bryson
Jolene Webster Goff wrote:
I have lived a very happy, often trying, but not particularly exciting life. I am married to a wonderful man, Jerry, and we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this year. I have three children, two boys, and one girl and they have given me nine beautiful and fun grandchildren.  After moving back to Cedar in 1981, I went to work for Claude Slack in his accounting business where I spent the next thirty-three years; and loved every year of it.  I loved the people and the work but decided I didn’t want to work until I die, which at our age we never know.  I finally retired in April, after tax season, this year and really don’t know how I found time to work.

 I have a granddaughter that has cystic fibrosis.  What a wicked disease but, thankfully, she is a marvel. The research  strides they are making now are truly miraculous and she is now able to look forward to a long and healthy life because of it.   She is active in gymnastics and she and her sister are both cheerleaders for Canyon View High School.

 We have a cabin on Kannara Mountian, where we spend as much time as we can. It is so beautiful and peaceful and we have explored lots beautiful places in our 4X4.   Jerry, my husband, is a golfer so we can’t stay too many days because that, of course,  takes priority.  I am now able to chase grandkids in their extra activities.  I have two that rodeo and my youngest granddaughter was crowned the 2014 National Little Britches Rodeo Princess.  They hold the finals in Pueblo, Co., each year and we were able to spend two weeks over there watching more rodeo than you can imagine, but it was so fun and so exciting.

 I get up each morning and check the obituaries to make sure I’m not listed, then thank the Lord for another day, and go about my business.  I remember fondly so many of the fun times we had in high school that, unfortunately, many of the later generations do not experience.  If they did today many of the things we used to do they would probably all be expelled and be in a lot of trouble.  We didn’t know about political correctness then, thank goodness.  If the kids did what we used to do for Sadie Hawkins or freshman slave day it would be considered sexual harassment or, worse yet, racist.

 Thank goodness we went to school in the “Good Old Days”.  Jolene Webster Goff

Carmen Condie Hunt wrote:

I am still living in Cedar City and have decided after traveling to other places that it is a great place to be.
I married Roy Hunt, who is a great husband, father, grandfather and my very best friend. We have two children together, a son and daughter, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.
At the age of 72, I am back to changing diapers; gratefully not my own! Our granddaughter and her 2-year-old son Jax moved in with us so she could attend SUU.  Things are definitely not quite at our house anymore.  I don’t believe that kids keep you young or the mirror would be my friend instead of something to avoid!  I Guess we all feeling that the clock went way to fast!

We built a beautiful cabin and spend as much time up there as we can. Anything outside is what we enjoy the very most!  I am so grateful for the life that I have had and I am looking forward to seeing all of you again! Carmen Condie Hunt.

Lennis Hall wrote:

I have included most of my biographical information on the class website already.  Nonetheless, here is a short update.  More details are available upon request.
Five years ago I was still working for the Bank of Utah as Internal Audit Manager.  However, in 2012 I was recruited by a large New York credit card company to be its Internal Audit Department Manager.  It was a big change of pace and included responsibility for a large staff and numerous outside accounting firms and consultants, but it was great fun and an unforgettable experience.  I had the opportunity to meet and work with some very interesting people from some of the largest banks and accounting firms in the country.  However, I retired in 2014 in order to help my wife recover from several surgeries that she needed.
In addition to working a lot of years, I have been an active member of the LDS Church and held leadership positions continuously for about 40 years at the Ward and Stake level.  In several of those positions, I served with siblings and children of general authorities and they were truly unique experiences.
My wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this year.  We now have twelve grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  So I guess we are both now older than dirt and sometimes we feel like it.  Anyway, we have been greatly blessed by Father in Heaven.  Our children and grandchildren are our greatest joy and happiness in life.
In addition, I still enjoy running model trains at train shows in Wyoming and here in Utah.  In 2014 we participated in the first one ever in Hurricane.  We were hoping to do it again this year, but because attendance was so low last year they decided not to have one this year.  We are hoping they will though next year.
Five years since the last reunion have passed rather quickly.  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago.  Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing everyone once again at the reunion this year.  Lennis Hall
Cynthia Williams Dunaway wrote:
I notice I still have quite an epistle on the website from one of our last reunions. I will add that I have been retired from teaching (1st grade) for four years now.  I taught 15 years at Cedar North Elementary and 12 years at Cedar South Elementary, and loved my career working with the administrators, and colleagues, and of course, the children.  Since retiring, I have been an ordinance worker at the St. George Temple, working a double shift on Tuesdays.  Now I have been released from that calling, but am still serving as 1st counselor in our Ward Relief Society Presidency.  My only complaint is that none of my three daughters and two sons and their companions and the sixteen grandchildren they have given me live in Cedar!  Oh well, huh?!  I’m looking forward to seeing you at our reunion.  Cynthia Dunaway
Thomas Anderson wrote:

Elementary –   Kindergarten thru 3rd grade – Cedar West Elementary

4th Part of 5th grade – St George Elementary

5th & 6th Grade – Cedar East Elementary

Jr High & High School – Cedar

I joined Navy immediately after High School.  Then I went to CSU (now SUU) for one year after serving in the Navy.  I served an LDS Mission in France and Switzerland for 30 months and then returned to CSU.

In 1970 I met my wife Chadley and we were married in Logan Temple and graduated from USU in Electrical Engineering. (Class Members might be surprised but I was elected USU Engineering Senator for full college of engineering).  After graduation I was hired by Westinghouse Electric Corporation and worked for them – almost 12 years.

Then I started my own Manufacturer’s Representative Company and did that for about 26 years.  Some major sales of interest include:  all Power Transformer and Bus Work on Arizona side of Hoover Dam, all Power Transformers at Flaming George Dam, a few Power Transformers at Grand Coulee Dam, many other Major Projects for Western Area Power Administration, Bureau of Reclamation, with my largest in Tennessee near TVA.  I held many contracts for Utah Power & Light, PacifiCorp, Nevada Power, and many smaller REA’s & Utilities.

For health Reasons I retired at age 62.  However, my health improved and for two years I served as a Bountiful Temple Engineer

Chadley & I have 5 children – 4 boys and one girl.  We are active in the LDS Church and have had many callings – Never a bishop but served in two Bishoprics.  While serving as a missionary I was Branch President in Avignon, France, and Nimes, France. I also served twice as District Leader and Zone Leader.  Perhaps of interest, my wife, youngest son, and I were in the Nauvoo Pageant – then called “The City of Joseph” from 1998 thru 2002.  Today my calling is as a Ward Missionary.  I got my Testimony of The LDS Church while in the Navy in 1962.

At present, my health has improved substantially – I enjoy gardening, collegiate sports, and I have been a Dodger fan since 1952 – I watch almost every game.  I have also enjoyed doing Genealogy work on my Anderson family.   Thomas Anderson

Maxine Naegle Humphrey wrote:
We moved to southern Utah five years ago and even though we love Cedar City we were ready to get out of the snow so we moved to Washington, Utah (Green Srings area). We love our life down here. We travel a lot for pleasure as well to see our children and grandchildren. In fact, we leave in a few days for Tokyo. We have been there several times because we have a son, daughter -law and three grandkids that live there! Dave loves to golf and fish. I enjoy being in a book group and playing Hand and Foot with my card group. We enjoy being involved in the community. Dave is active in the Sons of the Utah Pioneers and I am currently serving as president of the Washington East Company of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. We are also serving in the church and especially enjoy being ordinance workers at the St. George Temple. Which by the way is the temple we were married in 51 years ago! We just became great grandparents for the first time on September 1 of this year. Life is good for us and we are very happy!  Maxine Humphrey
Steve Corry wrote:
Shortly after High School Graduation I spent 6 months at Ft. Ord, CA and Fort Sill, Oklahoma; during which time I found out who I really was.  A life changing experience for sure!!

Left for the Eastern States Mission in Oct. of 1961.  18 months on Long Island and 6 months in New Jersey gave me some great experiences Knocking, Teaching, & Baptizing.

November 1963 entered school at BYU where I earned a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  However most important I found and married my eternal companion–Sybil Palmer from Taylor, Arizona.

Moved to Portland Oregon with Touche, Ross, Baily, & Smart, one of the Big 8 accounting firms at the time.  I traveled at lot while implementing an accounting system for the Dept. of Labor in some 14 states.  The last state I worked in was Alaska where we lived for 4 months.  We had just adopted our first child DeLynn so we had him with us in Juneau.  Just as we were finishing our work in Alaska I got a call from a former boss offering me a job with Boise Cascade.

I spent the next five years in Boise where we adopted our second son, Clark.  Three years with Boise Cascade with more travel than I wanted so I took a job with a construction company as their General Manager.  Spent two years with MZ&C when I realized what I really wanted was my own company.

Returned to Cedar where I took over my father’s businesses, Corry Insurance Agency, and Cedar Real Estate Co., which were both needing a boost at the time.

Spent the next 31 years building the businesses which I sold in 2007 and left for a mission to Greece with Sybil.  What a great experience that was!!

We ended up adopting another boy here in Cedar City in 1978.  We didn’t know it at the time, but he was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  It made a very hard life for him and a tragedy for us when he took his own life at the age of 27.

After 15 years of marriage we were able to conceive and were blessed with a beautiful daughter.  She has brought us much happiness.

We have been active in the church throughout our lives which has been the greatest blessing in our lives.



Coralee Sherratt Wyatt wrote:

Paul Wyatt and I have been married for 52 years. We have 3 boys, 2 girls and 21 grandchildren. I have always gathered up young people. I champion their achievements, comfort their hurts and feed them food. So of course they liked me…. or was it my food.
At this stage of my life I look back with thanksgiving for family, those living and gone. I treasure the few family members I have left because we share the same blood and memories. When I say “I love you” it means more than ever before  because it may be the last time I can say it to those I love so dearly.
I treasure you my dear class mates. Your faces often grace my dreams and old  memories bring a smile to my face.
My achievements are many but my greatest attribute is simple. I love and I love to laugh.


Bonnie Bishop wrote:

I taught my last class eight years ago.  It does not seem possible.  I miss teaching and have not done much of anything since retiring.  I wish I could say that I have volunteered to help the sick and needy, worked with homeless animals and helped young children learn how to read.  However, that would not be true.  I have spent most of my time tending my two grand children, Xander now 10 and Sydney now 7.  I have, also, done some “tending” of my husband who has had several minor health problems.

  I have been lucky enough to take several trips a year to Mexico.  I love the ocean so the trips to Mexico give me my “Ocean fix”.  We have, also, been to Branson Mo. several times.  Never thought I would go there but have found it to be fun.  (This November, we will be going back to Branson so I can see Johnny Mathis.  Oh the memories.)  My husband enjoys visiting with the many army vets that go there.

 I did go on the “cruise from hell”.  (My grandfather went to Mexico and Central America in 1900.  He and several others were trying to find physical evidence of the Book of Mormon.  I took a cruise that would stop in several of places where he went.)  First the airline lost my luggage.  Then the hotel gave our room away even though we had paid for it.  (It was 2:00 in the morning.  Try and find a hotel at that time) We sat in the hotel lobby until we could get on the ship.  Then I broke my back (well two vertebras in my back).  I wish I could say I did it on a zip line but no they just broke.  Then we ran into a storm so they would not let us into Costa Rico-the main reason I took the cruse. Needless to say, I am not looking to take another cruise-except maybe to Norway.

 I am looking forward to the reunion because it is fun to visit with classmates that remember the wonderful fifties.   Bonnie Bishop


 Bryce Stapley wrote:

Leon’s note reminds me of a trip to Beaver Dam Arizona a year later with some of the same guys in the same car. Someone told me that beer would help me gain weight. If you remember I was 6′- 4″ and 120 lbs.  I could not stand the taste of beer so i bought some hard stuff. The next morning I had a head ache and the car had a broken side window. I did not remember anything and I was told that I broke the window trying to get the attention of some girls in Saint George. That was the start and the end of my drinking.
Leon may not remember the time at Logan when he had a problem and it took 4 or 5 of his roommates to restrain him. The paramedics were called and put him into a straight jacket and took him to the hospital and got him stabilized.
Another story that some of you were a part of is the time in the late summer that I was cutting grain on my dad’s farm. A car kept going around on some of the roads near the field and after some time it got to the top of the field i was working on and stopped. Two men got out and motioned for me to come and talk to them. They were FBI agents and they wanted to know who had fake draft cards. by the time they found me they already knew who did. Ralph Clark had got the cards from the office that his mother worked at and had given them to several of us.  Bryce Stapley

Thomas Wade Kirtley  (Tom Cat–the man with 9 lives) wrote:

 Born January 14,1942 in Mason City, Washington near the Grand Coulee Dam.  (Now know as Coulee Dam)

I moved 19 times in the first 2 years of my life.  During the second year of my life I wandered off and got lost in the forest around Port Angeles Washington. It took the National Guard to find me. I was lost for 24 hours.  I was pinned under a rock next to a creek.  My dog stayed with me.  His barking helped the searchers find me.

I moved to Utah at age three where we lived in Smithfield, Logan, and Dragerton (now East Carbon).  We then moved to Price where I got run over by a car.

I moved to Cedar in 1948 at the age of six and stayed until I was twenty years old.  I was a member of the Cedar High track team when they took the state championship in 1960.  Danny Lindsay, Larry Anderson, Roger Halterman and I held the record at the BYU relay carnival, for over 35 years, in the 440 yard relay.

I joined the National Guard.  One summer, while at guard camp, I spent two days in the Salt Lake county jail for driving Scott Lambeth’s Corvette at 140 mph.  I got caught because of a road bock that was set up for a guy that was trying to kill his wife.

I went to work at the Nevada test site in 1965.   I worked on a 1527 foot tall

tower.  While working at the Bren tower, one day at the 1100 ft. level we were setting the Neutron Generator for experimental runs. The Generator road on an elevator that was controlled from the ground level.  I was giving directions over the radio and asked that it be lowed about one foot.  However, it just continued down even as they tried to stop it.  The brakes had failed and the generator went into a faster and faster fall.  There were three of us on the elevator and we figured this was the end.  If the generator hit the ground, it would destroy the legs of the tower and it would fall.  However, there was a built in emergency brake that was controlled by the speed of the falling object.  It stopped 90 feet from the ground.  Everything and everybody survived intact.

I was contaminated by radioactive Hydrogen (tritium) and spent two days in the hospital and was not allowed to use public bathrooms.  I was involved in at least fifty underground nuclear tests.  (Some that did not stay underground).

I married Rosalie Rider, Beef’s sister in 1967.

One Saturday I decided to ride my motorcycle to the tower.  It was 90 miles away.  After passing through security, I took a short cut on a dirt road.  Someone had left a rope across the road (thankfully it was only tied on one end).  My neck caught the rope and it caused bleeding and skin removal.  A scar was on my neck for years, but wrinkles and patchy skin have hidden it.

I worked at Super Conducting Super Collider at Waxahachie Texas in 1993.  I then returned to the Nevada test site to work on tests to detect if North Korea was building a Nuke.  I retired from E, G and G in 1995 and moved to Cedar to pay golf and I am still playing golf as well as helping make toys for needy children.

In 2009, I took some time off from golf and went, with Art Pryor and some of his family, through the narrows.  Afterward I felt much worse than I had after my many near death episodes.  My brain has never worked properly since!  Tom Kirtley


Lory Misel wrote:

 I am still doing what I have been doing for the past 50+ years; seeing individuals, couples and families in my practice.  I practice out of my home which I love.  The commute is wonderful.  I do seminars I create for interested clients and friends.  I love teaching and sharing my ideas with others.

I spend time with my children and grandchildren. I write my ideas and poetry as they come to me. 

And, so………………………. My body is not with you today but my heart and mind are.

You may consider some of the things I will share as being kind of “Sappy”.  I suppose they are but I wish to share them.

As “Times blanket” is being spread upon my shoulders and I gather it about me (I get cold now I am older) I allow my mind to recall my life.

I have spent 50+ wonderful years counseling individuals, couples and families.  I have developed programs for requesting national and international corporations, financial institutions, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, various churches, schools, graduate and medical schools, hospitals, blah, blah, blah.  I have lectured and trained requesting groups throughout the United States and Canada.  Some of my writings and programs have been used in parts of Europe.  I have been blessed indeed and I recall all of these with great fondness.

I am blessed with children and grand-children; so loving they are.

But as I sit within “Times blanket”, I cast my thoughts adrift and all of the things I have done professionally seem to fall away.  My thoughts move to another place and time; a place and time I recall with perfect clarity.

There is this little place between the Red Hill on the east and the Leigh Hill on the west.  It is a special little place between Condie’s Auto to the south and the Desert Pearl cafe on the north.  It is a place I call Cedar City, Utah, “My home”.

I lived in a house on 46 North, 3rd west but, as I ponder, I am aware that the whole town was my home, filled with so, so many loving, accepting people.

My ego is tempted to mention specific people.  I decided not to do this for I would surely leave out others who have blessed me and touched my heart.  So, I went to my closet and got out our year books.  I spent a few hours looking at each page and each picture of you.  I touched each of your faces with my index finger and thanked you for all you gave me.  I wept as I did this. (You know there is a difference between crying and weeping?  Carolee can tell you about this if you would like to know.)  I looked and looked and realized how innocent we were.

Another thing I wish to share is how much I appreciated your parents.  Your parents were so kind, loving and helpful to me, each time they saw me, and each time we met.

So I wish to say to my Cedar City friends, “You have blessed me more than you know”.

Over the years, people have asked me where I am from.  I tell them with pride, “Cedar City, Utah; the only place in the world you can stand up to your ass in mud and have sand blown on your face” and everyone there loves it and so did I.

Thank you my dear friends.  I love each of you.

Lory Misel


Al (Rick) Lawrence wrote:
Just turned in a 5 year proposal to National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.  Guess I don’t plan to retire soon. 

Some people might find it sad that the most constantly exciting thing in their life is their work.  Not me.  Here is a summary for the science wonks of the next big thing for yours truly.

New staining techniques permit imaging of chromatin filaments in the cell nucleus via the electron microscope and tomographic reconstruction permits 3D reconstructions of the filaments. These images are taken at resolution limits and reconstruction is, at present, insufficient. In order to follow a filament throughout its convolutions, current resolution should be at isotropic 5nm. Improvements in reconstruction algorithms, image processing, and reconstruction techniques are required in order to achieve this resolution limit. 

Loose translation:  we can see DNA but things are a bit fuzzy at 1/100,000,000 meter resolution.  We are going to fix that.
And what does this mean?  Proposal-speak again:

Elucidation of the structure and dynamics of the nucleus should lead to better understanding of gene related diseases such as Parkinson’s, cancer and diabetes. For example, particular clinical outcomes of this work would encompass drug target identification and designing efficient therapies for genetic diseases and cancer.

Translation:  We are rounding on the biggest medical target of the last century.  I cannot imagine all the fallout in other areas of life.  Right now one of the researchers sitting next to my postdoc is busy taking images of synthetic cells.  Remember Craig Venter?  He was the first to sequence the human genome.  Now he is re-engineering DNA to find out just what is really necessary for the life processes.

I would work on this stuff for free.  Rick



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