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This is a compilation of Class Photos, life stories, biographies, and Current Photos of our classmates. We would like to have information that you are willing to share about yourself, your accomplishments, and meaningful events in your life since graduation from high school. Please help us by providing information about you (or others for that matter), which might be interesting to know, especially things funny or unique.

We encourage you to update your biography by clicking on the ‘comments section ’ and let us know what you have been doing, places you have gone, and anything that likely be of interest to your other classmates. Also, include a current picture of yourself if you can. The information and picture will be moved from there to the “Biographies” section.

The list is in alphabetical order by FIRST name, not last.

Photos & Family Info Biography

I married Sheldon Kerry Grant one week after my graduation from Cedar High School.  I attended one year at the U of U while Kerry finished up his doctorate there.  We were blessed with three wonderful children during those years.  In 1965 we moved our family to Missouri and Kerry taught geology at the University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR) for 34 years.  I was a stay-at-home mom.  We came back to New Harmony every summer and hiked, camped, took backpack trips, raised a big garden, and I did lots of canning and sewing.  Kerry directed the UMR Field Camp at the Southern Utah University campus (SUU) for six weeks each summer.
Each of our children attended BYU and settled permanently in Utah.  When Kerry became disabled and had to discontinue teaching, we returned to New Harmony permanently and built a new home there.  We have been blessed with eleven perfect grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Kerry passed away in 2005.  I remain in New Harmony enjoying my family and friends, gardening, quilting, and church activity.

Spouse:  Kerry Grant (Deceased)
Children:  3
Grandchildren:  11
Great Grandchildren: 2
Residence:  New Harmony, UT


After graduation I took employment for the summer at Zion National Park. It was a very good experience for me. Then in the fall of that same year, I moved to Salt Lake City and attended Darrels College Of Beauty. Then I graduated as a licensed Cosmetologist. After that I worked in Salt Lake for a short while and then moved back to Cedar City. Living here I worked and met Gene Smith. We married and had three children. I started working at Sears after awhile and retired after 21 years. After a short break, I went to work at State Bank Of Southern Utah as a Teller, and I have been there 17 years. I am thinking of retiring but just can’t make up my mind. For some reason it seems like a big decision for me. My husband and I now have 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandson (and lets not forget our 5 grand dogs). We are active in the LDS church and love our friends and neighbors. We also like to travel and take long four wheeler rides. Life has been good for us and continues to be and we hope that we still have a few more years left to enjoy.
Spouse:  Gene Smith
Children:  3
Grandchildren: 10 and 1 Great
Residence:  Cedar City, UT
LaRae Farrow
Spouse:  Clark Maxwell
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

Dear Friends of the Class of 1960,
It’s hard to believe that time can go by so swiftly! I’ve enjoyed reading all of the fulfilling lives that each of you has had.
After graduation I went to CSU for a year, while I worked at the Federal Land Bank here in Cedar.  During that time Boyd Snow and I were engaged.  We married two days after he graduated from CSU on June 3, 1961.
We than moved to Grantsville, UT where Boyd taught school for two years.  Our son, Richard was born in Aug. of 1962.  Being from Emery County, Boyd wanted to move there and help his father with his farm. Boyd got a contract to teach school there, but shortly after we got there, his father sold the farm. We stayed there for the next 24 years. Our two girls, Annette and Arlene were born there. It was a great place to raise children. We enjoyed the beauty of Huntington Canyon, where Boyd worked for the Forest Service most of the summers. We enjoyed camping there with great friends who had children the age or ours. I also gave piano lessons before I got my teaching degree.
During that time I completed my Elementary Ed. degree from CSU and taught there for the next 17 years. I had the privilege of teaching our three children in third grade. It has become a standing joke that if the kids don’t know something, it was because their 3rd grade teacher didn’t teach it to them.
After our children graduated from high school, we began thinking where we would like to retire. So, when we both got contracts to teach in Iron Co., we moved back to Cedar City in Aug. of 1987, and have been here ever since.  The first year back we both were able to teach out to Beryl.  It was probably the best year of teaching ever, because we were together.  If you don’t know what a cuber is, go there to find out.
We have since retired, (30 yrs. was long enough) and are enjoying the grandkids. Our children are conveniently placed so that we can go to see our dentist (Richard, Susan and two boys) in the winter in Prescott, AZ.  Our daughter, Annette and Jon and their nine children, live on an island in the Puget Sound, so we visit them in the summer.  Last of all, Arlene and Roger and their four children live in Enoch, so we can see them all of the time.
We aren’t world travelers like many of you, but we have enjoyed church history tours to Niagara Falls, Palmyra NY, and all of the church sites coming west. We also had a great trip to Alaska last summer. Probably the highlight of our lives has been to serve as ordinance workers in the St. George Temple for seven years.
Thanks to Bonnie and all who have worked  to put the reunion together. Hope to see you there!
Spouse:  Boyd Snow
Children:  3
Grandchildren:  15
Residence:  Cedar City, UT
Lawana Condie
Spouse:  Lyle Smith
Residence:   Las Vegas, NV

After high school I worked for my father for three years then I joined the Air Force. I spent a year in Korea.  I was in the 314th Air Division Headquarters and worked directly for the officer who was in charge of soviet union surveillance (this was shortly after Gary Powers had been shot down). While serving there I received a Top Secret security clearance. After returning from Korea I got married and was stationed at Hill AFB for three years.  After getting out of the Air Force I attended and graduated from Southern Utah University with a BA in Political Science (Magna Cum Laude). After graduation from college I worked for the FDIC at various locations throughout the United States, including Wall Street in New York, but mostly in Portland, OR, San Franciso, CA, and the FDIC Headquarters in Washington, D.C., which is next door to the White House.  In 1982 I received a Masters Degree in Banking & Finance from Rutger University, NJ.  During the first half of my 30 year career I conducted examinations (like audits but more comprehensive) of numerous banks.  During the later half I was a supervisor of examinations being conducted through out the Western United States.  During both periods I participated in the close supervision and eventual closing of a number of banks.   In addition, when the FDIC purchased computers for examiners I wrote the first software for them and it was used nationwide by numerous people for about five years.  Also, I built a management database system for the regional office and worked on several other major projects.  I specialized in computer technology, but did considerable work in bank supervision, enterprise risk management, wealth management, and compliance with laws and regulations. After retiring from the FDIC (civilian equivalent to a military Brigadier General) I worked in Silicon Valley with a group of IBM engineers and PhD’s from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Moscow University (Russia) designing computers and computer languages.  Then after that I worked for four plus years for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in bank and bank holding company supervision. After that I worked for Bank of Utah, Ogden, UT for nine years as the Audit Department Manager. In 2012 I became a department head and senior officer of a large financial institution, Merrick Bank, which was owned by a New York based company.  The people were great to work with and it is one of the fastest growing credit card operations in the U.S.
My wife Cindy and I have three children 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild. We live in Layton, UT and have retired there. I belong to an American Flyer model train club, which does about six model train shows each year.  I’m currently the President of the group and I maintain the club’s website (GSAFTC.com).  I also have one of my own (Lennishall.com). I still like cars. I have an 88 Camaro IROC-Z and a 56 Ford pickup. I have fun driving and working on them when I’m not playing with or looking working on trains.  If there is a car show somewhere in the area I’m usually there.  Because we lived on a farm, I started driving when I was nine years old.  By the time I was twelve I was operating a Caterpillar and driving a semi truck.  I bought my first car when I was 15 and built my first hot rod shortly after.   I’ve been an active member of the LDS Church all of my life and been in  Ward or Stake leadership capacity for over 40 years. I’m also the president of our home owners association (we live in a gated community) and both a county and state Republican delegate.   I have also been the Chairman of the East Layton Voting Precinct.
In 1959 two of my next door neighbors, Billy Short and Neil Beatty were killed in an explosion on the back side of Leigh Hill. We would hunt rabbits and birds out there all the time and sometimes shoot at the building that contained the dynamite. I couldn’t go that day for some reason, which I can’t remember now why, otherwise I would have been with them.I had breakfast with Raymond Burr one morning when he came to visit the troops serving in Korea.  One time we visited with both President Monson and Eyring when they stopped by see our trains at a Scout Show in the South Town Expo Center in Sandy.  Gary Coleman was also a train enthusiast.  We saw him a number of times at the Thanksgiving Point show.


Spouse: Cindy Smith
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 14
Residence: Layton, UT

Leon graduated from Cedar High School and began his professional career at the College of Southern Utah as an honors student in 1960.  He earned an Associate Degree in Industrial Engineering and Technical Education from the College of Southern Utah in 1962, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Utah State University, Logan, Utah in 1965 (Tool & Manufacturing Engineering and Secondary Education, with a major in Welding Engineering,  minor in mathematics). A Welding Engineer with Chicago Bridge & Iron in Salt Lake City in 1966, He left civilian life as a combat volunteer for flight duty with the US Air Force.  His first operational assignment was as a Reconnaissance Officer at Otis AFB, MA, with the 4753rd Airborne Early Warning system, ultimately deploying to Korat, Royal Thai Air Force Base (RTAFB), Thailand, as an EC-121R “BATCAT” with the 553 RCW flying classified electronic surveillance missions over Laos and North Vietnam.  He subsequently volunteered for combat duty as a “NAIL” FAC (Forward Air Controller) in OV-10 and 02-B aircraft with the 23rd TASS, based at Nakhon Phanom, RTAFB, Thailand, flying night logistics interdiction missions against the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Following combat duty in Vietnam he flew global airlift and humanitarian missions in the C-141 “Starlifter” and C-5A “Galaxy” to nearly every country in the world, becoming a Flight Instructor, Flight Simulator Instructor and Flight Examiner in both weapon systems.   Through career broadening opportunities he became a Production Officer and Warranted Contracting Officer within both Air Logistics Command and Military Airlift Commands before returning to C-5 flight duties in support of the European operations during the Cold War.  Leaving flight duty in 1983, Col. Matheson was chosen as Commander, DET 12, Rockwell Rocketdyne, responsible for liquid rocket engine production and Santa Susanna Field Test Laboratory operations before his selection as Director, Space Launch, Control and Communication Systems Contracting, USAF Systems Command.  In this capacity he was responsible for Air Force and NASA contracts related to the Space Transportation Systems, including Expendable Rocket Launch Systems,  the space shuttle Challenger replacement (Atlantis) program at Los Angeles AFB, CA, and Heavy Lift vehicle (HLV) rocket systems From Systems Contracting Col. Matheson volunteered to return to AF Logistics Command during Desert Storm.  He was a Battle Staff Director for aircraft logistics at McClellan AFB, CA, and Chief of Contracting for aircraft systems support for A-10, F-111, and a variety of other aircraft systems during Desert Storm.  He was also assigned responsibility for regional military Aero Clubs and international air shows until his retirement from Military Service. Professionally, Col. Matheson graduated from the Air Force Institute of Technology early in his career, Squadron Officers School, Air Command and Staff College following shortly thereafter and he was a Distinguished Graduate of Air War College, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL.  He also earned his Masters Degree in Public Administration Summa Cum Laude from Auburn University, Alabama. in residence. Col. Matheson is a rated Master Navigator and rated Senior Space Operations Officer with more than 14,000 flight hours and 140 combat missions.  His decorations include the Legion of Honor for his service to the nation in the space program.  His military awards include 3 separate awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross (with “V” device),7ea. Air Medals, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Expeditionary Medal, Cross of Gallantry, Combat Crew Medal, Vietnamese Campaign Medal, Vietnamese Service Medal with four battle stars, Korean Expeditionary Medal, Cold War Medal, and numerous other ribbons and citations.  Included are the Engineering Merit Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Honorary Southern “Colonel” by the State of Alabama, Outstanding Contracting Officer in Air Force Logistics Command (Hill AFB, Utah), by Air Force Logistics Command, Commander of the Outstanding Contracting Organization in the United States Air Force for both 1985 and 1986, and induction into the Southern Utah University “Old Main Society.”.  He retired from the Air Force to reside in his home town of Cedar City, Utah. Col Matheson shares a complimenting career with his wife Barbara.  Barbara was the Performance Manager for the NASA contractor ILC Dover, responsible for the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) of the Space Transport System, and she was a contract negotiator for Space Division on a variety of “Star Wars” projects, including the successful Anti-Satellite Weapon System and Kinetic Energy Kill Vehicle programs.  She also worked extensively as an Air Force Plant (AFPRO) administrator on the Litton TACFIRE and Peace Keeper missile programs before resigning to return to UT. The Matheson’s have seven children, four of whom (Janean, Kay Lynn, LeAnn, and Dwayne) attended Southern Utah University; Kay Lynn and LeAnn graduating with honors.  Barbara is an avid book collector with an extensive personal library of women authors, from which she has endowed the SUU library with a special collection of rare and unusual volumes, and continues the effort to make SUU a national center for women’s studies. She is active in a variety of social and civic activities.The Matheson’s own and operate CitabriAIR International, a Utah based center for basic and aerobatic flight instruction, FMC Aviation and Color Country Construction as a commercial, licensed contractor.  Col. Matheson is also an FAA Advanced Ground Instrument Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor, and continues as an adjunct faculty member at Utah Valley State University and Southern Utah University with the Department of Continuing Education.  He is past president of the Iron County Historical Society and currently the Utah State Director of the National Historic Old Spanish Trail Association. Hobbies include aerobatic flying and collecting/restoring historic gas engines and farm equipment, and photographing/documenting native rock art.Since retirement I have enjoyed teaching at SUU, building a flight school (Citabriair, Inc.), owning Color Country Construction, MEW, Inc., and Opus Con Brio, LLC, while, and otherwise keeping busy in local and regional history projects.  I enjoy searching out and recording local history, to include pictograph/petroglyph photography, and I have published or edited four books and produced four music/history CDs, including the successful “American Journey” album.  My wife, Barbara was a Performance Manager in the Shuttle program and was a USAF Contracting Officer in “Star Wars” programs.  She is currently Chair of the “Friends of the Library” at SUU and President of the Archaeology Society.  She too is heavily involved in civic activities.An associate of Rush Limbaugh:   Spent an entire day together, sharing the podium with him to an audience of over 150,000 persons.  Also, he once wrote a “personal” check/guarantee for $11.5 billion, to purchase the space Shuttle Atlantis.
Spouse:  Barbara
Children:  Seven
Grandchildren:  ?
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

In November, 1959 some of our class joined the National Guard not knowing that in June 1960 we would be obligated to report for “six months active duty”.  So the Monday before our class graduation I was reporting for duty in Fort Ord, California.  We missed being with our class that next weekend as you were celebrating.  When I got home the following November I enrolled in school at the (then) College of Southern Utah. In June, 1961 I received a call to serve in the Central Atlantic States Mission.  I was called home in May, 1963 when my mother under went serious surgery. On June 23, 1964 I married LeeAnn Christison from Ely, Nevada.  On June 23 of this year we will have been married for 46 years.  We have six children and 22 grandchildren.  When I graduated from BYU with a degree in Accounting, we moved to California where I had accepted employment with Arthur Andersen & Co.  I worked for them for six years, became a CPA, became the controller of a bank holding company, worked for Bank of America and eventually accepted employment with World Savings. I worked for them for 26 years, during which time we were transferred from the “Bay Area” to San Antonio, Texas.  On September 30, 2007 I received a severance package after Wachovia Bank purchased World Savings……I am now retired.  LeeAnn and I filled an 18 month mission for the church in 2008 and 2009 and in November 2009 we moved to Bountiful, Utah.  We love the seasons and our grandchildren!!!!  Over the years I have been very active in the church serving in the missionary program, as a Bishop, on the High Council several times and in the youth program.  I worked with Boy Scouts of America serving in the Ward, Stake, District and Council for over 30 years. LeeAnn and I served as ordinance workers in the San Antonio Temple for two and a half years prior to our mission call.  We are now serving in the Bountiful Temple (two shifts on Thursday).  If you are in the area please look us up and say, “Hi”.
Spouse:  LeeAnn
Children:  Six
Grandchildren:  22
Residence:  Bountiful, UT

Spouse:  Pat Goble  (Deceased)
Residence:  Kanab, UT


Spouse:  James Brady
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

Compared to many of my class mates, my life is not very impressive.I have been married to a loyal, loving husband for 49 years. We have two great children, five wonderful grand children and one great grandchild who is pure joy.I have had a fulfilling career with Associates Financial Services, now City Bank growing a branch in Cedar City from six to sixteen million dollars, consistently being one of the top profit offices in the state.I retired after 30 years with the company.
We have a home in Cedar City, A cabin on Cedar Mountain and a winter home in Arizona.We are enjoying our retirement and good health. What more can you ask for.
Spouse:  Jess Hollerman
Children:  Two
Grandchildren:  Five
Great Grandchildren:  One
Residence:  Cedar City, UT
I have many found memories of my years in  the Cedar City schools.  The Christmas sing-a-longs.  The teachers who were so patient and helpful.  I particularly remember our 6th grade class.   We had Mr. Hulet and Mrs. Forsythe as our teachers.  They taught us the 23th psalm as a choral reading and we presented it for Sacrament Meeting in the little Summit Ward. Try and get off with something like that now!
I left Cedar City after our 7th grade year.  I completed high school at Piute in Circleville.  I graduated on May 27, 1960 and was married in the St George Temple on May 28th 1960.  So I will celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary this year.
I am married to Kent Bernell Crofts and have one son, Kent Lewis Crofts.  I have seven grandchildren and will soon be a great-grandmother.

I began working in the school system in Valley schools in Orderville in 1978.  Some fantastic opportunities came my way to further my college education.  I graduated from SUSC in June of 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Resource Education. (Spec. Ed).  I love learning and teaching.  Valley is a small school, so teachers are required to wear many hats.  It was very rewarding and most fulfilling.  I retired in 2002, but I still sub-in for other teachers occasionally.

I am looking forward to seeing classmates of yesteryear and appreciate the opportunity to participate in the 50th Reunion.
Spouse: Kent Bernell Crofts
Children: One
Grandchildren: Seven
Residence:  Orderville, UT
Linda Wheelwright The past fifty years have shown what a checkered life I have led.  After obtaining an Associates Degree at College of Southern Utah, my first job was at Hercules Power company where I stayed until the birth of my first child. After the birth of another child, and several moves in the Salt Lake area, my then husband and I decided to move to Phoenix, AZ.  We went to a life of swimming pools in the back yard and air conditioning. I returned to school, obtained an Associate Degree of Nursing, and had a career as a Registered Nurse.  It was a great blessing in my life when I became a divorced mom with a young son to support.  It was in Arizona that the hiking bug bit me and I started hiking rim to rim to rim on the Grand Canyon every year, as well as other places.
My husband and I share a lot of interests.  One is our religion; also an interest in ancient ruins, travel and taking on challenges.  We had the chance to serve a mission to Antofagasta, Chile, where we had the necessity to learn to speak and function in the Spanish language.
We had the chance to visit Easter Island and tour the tiny atoll with all the incredible statues, or Moais.  We visited in Peru and saw the astonishing ruins at Macchu Picchu, Lake Titicaca with its’ reed islands, and marvelous Inca stone work.
Another desire was to go to Guatemala and tour ruins at Tikal, Lake Atitlan and wonderful other sites.  We had that opportunity several years ago.  I even challenged Harold to hike the Grand Canyon with me, which he did three weeks after our wedding.
We took on the challenge to buy acreage near Monroe, UT, build a house, a large garage, plant 50 trees, and 11 acres of alfalfa, and take up farming in our retirement years.
In spite of the fact that I have been retired for several years, I still seem to want to be in the middle of things.  Besides the usual interest of family and grandchildren, I continue to work in my community as a Hospice Volunteer, as a Library Assistant, and most recently as a recruiter and examiner for the Census.  Harold and I spend every Thursday as ordinance workers at the Manti Temple.  We feel like it keeps as mentally alert and physically healthy.  Life is very good!
Spouse:   Harold Bundy
Children:  Three plus three stepchildren
Grandchildren:  13
Residence: Monroe, UT

Spouse:  James Clark
Residence:  Enoch, UT

Spouse:  Hall
Residence:  Washington, UT

Spouse:  Theron Rose
Residence:  West Valley City, UT

Wow!  Our 50th high school reunion?   I marvel that my life continues to have so many perks!  Jerry and I recently returned from serving a wonderful mission in Tonga as adjunct professors for BYU-Hawaii, training teachers at the CES schools on the islands.  Now we’re struggling to readjust to the 21st century!  But, it’s a joyful season to return to our four sons and one daughter and their families with 17 grandchildren sprinkled from Logan to St. George. Where have the years gone?  After graduating from USU, Jerry and I moved right back to Cedar City.  Those were busy, happy times raising our four sons.  I also taught a bit at CSU and pursued piano, giving lessons while Jerry established the Southwest Education Development Center, completed his Doctorate in education and took a turn as principal of Cedar City High School. Years later, I reflect on our move to Richfield and the good life we’ve established here.  I loved teaching language arts to middle school kids, believe it or not, and when I retired after 20 years and Jerry retired from Snow College we realized there was much more we wanted to do. By then, our children had graduated with college degrees and were living good lives. Upon returning from a trip to China, we knew it was time for us to serve a senior couple mission.  How we love those good and faithful island people where miracles happen and where we’ve experienced a glimpse of heaven. One important thing I have learned through the years is to look for the beauty that not everyone sees.  Jerry and I have been nourished by those little golden moments that guide us through life’s challenges.  Such times bring gratitude. It is also good to reflect on the friendships formed during those early years in school and beyond, knowing that the values I learned from my classmates in the hometown of Cedar City have elevated our lives and those of future generations.  I would love to be there for this special class reunion, but family commitments prevent us from doing so.    I appreciate reading about your life successes and thank you for contributing to mine!   As for what’s next?  As long as Jerry and I can serve others and be surrounded by good family and friends, life is truly grand!
Spouse:  Jerry Hawley
Children:  5
Grandchildren:  17
Residence:  Richfield, UT


I married my “high school” sweetheart, David, four years after high school graduation.  He went in the military and on a mission while I went to college.  I got a degree in Elementary Education.  I taught school for 30 years and retired in 2004.  I also was a mother of five children and I am the grandmother of 19 grandchildren.  We have enjoyed a wonderful life working and raising a family.  Now that we are retired, we enjoy traveling, reading, community involvement and serving in the church.  And, of course,  spending time with our grandchildren. I spent three months in the winter 350 miles above the Arctic Circle with no sunlight.
We moved to southern Utah five years ago and even though we love Cedar City we were ready to get out of the snow so we moved to Washington, Utah (Green Srings area). We love our life down here. We travel a lot for pleasure as well to see our children and grandchildren. In fact, we leave in a few days for Tokyo. We have been there several times because we have a son, daughter -law and three grandkids that live there! Dave loves to golf and fish. I enjoy being in a book group and playing Hand and Foot with my card group. We enjoy being involved in the community. Dave is active in the Sons of the Utah Pioneers and I am currently serving as president of the Washington East Company of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. We are also serving in the church and especially enjoy being ordinance workers at the St. George Temple. Which by the way is the temple we were married in 51 years ago! We just became great grandparents for the first time on September 1 of this year. Life is good for us and we are very happy!
Spouse:  David Humphrey
Children:  Five
Grandchildren:  19
Residence:  Centerville, UT

Residence:  Taylorsville, UT

Spouse:  James Wood
Residence:  Las Vegas, NV

Midge Pete

Spouse:  Rosalie
Residence:  Kanarraville, UT

Bonnie writes: “On the first day of one of my Child Development class, I look over my class and l saw a familiar face.  It was Mona Twitchell Woolsey.  She told me that she had been a teacher’s aide for several years and had decided to come back to school to finish her teaching degree so she could have a classroom of her own.  Mona did finish her degree and began her teaching career at Cedar North Elementary.  She taught first, second and four grade.  She was an excellent teacher. She did many creative things with her classes. She received many teaching awards-One was Teacher of the year and another was an award from Wal-Mart.  Mona is a gifted artist and is now the art specialists for the Iron County Schools.  This is a job for which she is well qualified.Mona has two sons and several grandchildren.  She is married to Carl Woolsey.  I enjoyed having her in my classes.  She always had many great ideas-which she was always willing to share with the other students.”
Spouse:  Carl Woolsey
Children: 2
Grandchildren:  Several
Residence:  Cedar City, UT

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